Filipino Foods Made From Sweet Potato

Camote or popularly known in the west as sweet potato is a common root crop in tropical regions just like the Philippines and it is one of the major source of foods for many Filipinos.

Camote Cue or Camote Fritters

One of the most favorite snacks of many Filipinos aside from banana cue or banana fritter is the camote fritter or locally called “camote cue” because you can usually buy them in sticks. Just deep fry sliced camotes in a boiling oil with sugar.


Filipino dessert made from camote or ube (purple yam)

Just combine in a pan the following; grated camote, coconut milk, evaporated milk and sugar. Then cook over medium fire until very thick. Stir constantly to prevent sticking and mold in greased pans or cook it in the microwave oven.

Crispy Camote Strings

A nutritious snack with no preservatives

Crispy camote strings/sweet potato string is a nutritious snack especially for the kids. It has no additives so it’s health hazard-free. Just cut the peeled sweet potato into strips, add some salt and deep fry.

Camote Balls

Mixture of grated camote and flour seasoned with salt and deep fried. You can toast sesame seeds for toppings.

Camote Pancake

This is a combination of grated camote, sugar and vanilla and egg fried.

Sweet Potato Pie

Camote pie is also a traditional favorite dish in Philippine cuisine.

Baked Camote

These are sometimes offered in restaurants as an alternative to baked potatoes. They are often topped with brown sugar and butter.

Camote Fries

This is another common preparation, deep frying camote, in the fashion of French fried potatoes.

Camote Leaves

Camote leaves and shoot are a common side dish in Philippine cuisine, often boiled with garlic and vegetable oil and dashed with salt before serving. The young leaves and vine tips of camote leaves are widely consumed as a vegetable. It can also add to fish sinigang recipes.

Steamed/Boiled Chunks Camote

For a simple and healthy snack, chunks of camote may be boiled/steamed in water or cooked in the microwave.

Camote Chips

Camotes can be sliced, fried, and eaten just like potato chips. Just cut the camotes, soak them in a liquid mixture of water with sugar and deep fry.

Raw Camote

Raw camote can be eaten as well, most easily in chip form. They taste somewhat like a sweet carrot.

Roasted or Fried Camote

Just cut camotes horizontally then roast it or fry it. No sugar required so it’s good for diabetics.

Sweetened Sliced/Cubed Camote

Cut sweet potato in cubes, caramelized sugar in the pan and add the cube camote. These sweetened cubes can also be added as ingredient of halo-halo.

Candied Camote

This is a side dish consisting mainly of sweet potatoes prepared with brown sugar, molasses, or other sweet ingredients

Mashed Camote

Very nutritious and ideal food for babies

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