Encourage Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Creative and unique presentation of fruits and vegetables to make them more appealing and inviting for kids to eat.

Encouraging young children to eat fruits and vegetables is a usual problem encountered by parents. From the farm, to the market and up to the dining table there are ways to make fruits and vegetables more appealing to the kids.

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Kids will surely love to see beautiful gardens of vegetables. Bring your kids to vegetable gardens like the Renaissance garden. Kids will develop appreciation of the beauty of vegetable gardens aside from arousing their interest to eat fruits and vegetables.

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Bring the kids to exhibits of vegetable arrangements so that they’ll develop appreciation not only of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables but on the artistic potentials of individuals using veggies and fruits.

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Likewise, locate market places where fruits and vegetables are artistically presented. Vegetables and fruits that are intricately arranged are very appealing indeed and make one long to buy and eat them.

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Simple and Neat

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This is another beautiful display of veggies and fruits, and because of their unique presentation they look so yummy. 

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Your kids will surely demand you to buy these fruits and vegetables once they’ve seen these beautiful and unique displays.

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Flowers can also be an added factor to make fruits and vegetable more appealing to kids.

Purchase paintings, pictures or wall décor of still life for your kitchen like the Human Head Veggie and the Human Vegetable.

Human Head Veggie

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The creator of this photo intricately arranged various vegetables in a container/basin so that when he turned the photo upside down it appeared as a human head.

Human Vegetable

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The creator of the Human Head Veggie is also the creator of this photo. This is the most edible human I had ever seen. You can literally cook or eat him from head downward.

Vege-Table Arrangement

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Dining tables are usually arranged to make it appear neat and presentable especially during special occasions. Table clothes are properly place with matching flower arrangement. For a change, why don’t you try vege-table arrangement? Isn’t it unique? Kids will surely eat fruits and vegetables if they are beautifully presented like the picture above.

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Food presentations have lots to do with kid’s appetite. They became more curious and tempted to eat when foods are beautifully presented.

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  1. I am still having trouble with my daughter. She is so choosy when it comes to fruits. This is another one of your beautiful… yummy article. Thanks!

  2. These look almost too good to eat.

  3. This is a great article because we know at some point veggies are the last thing kids want to eat. Letting them have their own small vegetable garden is another good idea.

    I really like the human faces.

  4. WOW! Thats awesome!

  5. Whatever adults eat, kids surely follow, as long as it looks good enough to eat.
    Encouraging them to eat fruit and vegies is a good idea, too.

    Try this one, Steam vegies for about ten to fifteen minutes then put aside for two minutes, shake over the vegies salt to taste and then add olive oil….mmmmmm!!!!

  6. This is lovely, what a great find.

  7. Remarkable arrangements with vegetables and fruits, there is no doubt that children to see these arrangements, they are encouraging and they will be pleasant to the palate.

  8. I LOVE the pictures – and wonderful article – nice work!!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  9. This article made me think about my own eating habits. Thanks!

  10. Great pic and pertinent post, my friend.

  11. Seems ‘nutrition month’ in the Philippines. Vege and fruit art are my fav. Healthy-full :-) article.

  12. wow i wish we had displays like that unreal,my kids would love that,thanks for that,inspiring me to keep my gardening up.

  13. I love veggies, they taste good and are so colorful.

  14. I agree with you. In order for the kids to love veggies, we shoul make it colorful and attractive. Nice pics..

  15. This was so amazing. We really need to encourage our kids to eat fruits and vegetables to strhenthen their immune system. Thanks for sharing?

  16. Nice find!

  17. Fantastic article and pictures.

  18. Nobert, Your pictures are beautiful and your advise excellent. I have grown many gardens but they never looked like these. children can be picky about veggies. Take care,Ruby

  19. I don’t have children but, it seems to make sense to attempt to feed your kids these fruits and vegetables from the beginning so you won’t have to build art out of fruit to make them eat it.

    So many bad habits acquired my children are from the parents own bad habits. This is not an observation, it’s a fact.

  20. Stunning Stunning Stunning – crispier prose, catchy headings and wonderful images.

    Crudities are yum Yumm. j

  21. informative write…i love fruits and veggies and 3 out of 4 of my daughters do as well,i am having a hard time w/veggies on my 4 yr.old!! colorful pics…maybe ill show her them:)

  22. Very lovely and attractive article.

  23. Cool colorful pictures. Great write!

  24. Oh, Nobert, you just made me very hungry. I love fruits and vegetables. They are the best. Although I must say that it’s not only the kids that we must encourage. I know many adults who don’t eat or seldomly include vegetables in their diet and you’ll find them very stubborn, not until they got sick.

  25. Funkayy fruit :)

  26. deliciouss

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