Easy to Make: Pineapple Brandy

Pineapple brandy is a perfect treat for the December holidays and now is the time to start making it. Follow these simple instructions for a unique taste experience.

  1. First buy yourself a pineapple. Get a fairly big one because you need to stand it in the top of a large bowl, or jug. It might be easier to select the jug and buy the pineapple to fit.

  2. Next, purchase a bottle of brandy. Quality doesn’t matter here, just buy the cheapest bottle you can find.

  3. Take the pineapple and slice off the top. Use a long skewer to make four or five holes right the way through from top to bottom. Make sure you push the skewer right through so that you pierce the skin at the bottom as well. These are the holes that will drain your pineapple brandy from the fruit.

  4. Scoop some pineapple out of the top so that you leave a deep well in the top of the fruit. Don’t go any further down that half way.

  5. Then fill the scooped out hole with brandy. Stand the pineapple on a jug (or other suitably sized container) and allow the brandy to drip through the fruit into the jug. Refill every day and keep in a cool but not cold place. As your jug fills with pineapple brandy you can pour it back into a clean bottle and screw the cap back on. The whole process should take about a week.

  6. There you have it, as easy as that, pineapple brandy. This also works well with melon.

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  1. Hi Lizzie, That sounds simple enough. very simple and delicious I’m sure. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. This sounds really good. Thanks for sharing. :)

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