Chicago Style Brats

Quite possibly the hot dog is the best food in the entire world. This next bit is going to be a twist on another kind of dog. The Chicago style brat.

If this doesn’t fit in the family barbeque of a Sunday afternoon nothing does. It is important to follow the steps in order.

Simmer your brats in beer or grill them on the barbeque. You don’t need to toast the buns but, can if you want to. Gourmet buns are always acceptable. Put your cooked brat in the hot dog bun and put on your mustard. I use two lines of mustard one up and one back.

Next is onions chopped. Put on as many as you like. The mustard will help keep them on the dog. Slice your tomatoes. Cut them in a wedge so you can put two wedges of tomato on the brat wedge sides down. Break out the pickle spears. One or two pickle spears are what you want. Put them on the dog long ways.

Finally here comes the secret, celery salt, three shakes from the shaker or more to your liking. You will notice the celery salt is the secret. Throw on a couple of yellow hots and you got a real genuine Chicago style brat. It isn’t done right if the stuff isn’t falling off while you take your bites. Enjoy.

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  1. Now you made me hungry. :)

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