Brand Name Rip-offs and Running an Efficient Kitchen

Brand names are out there to rip you off. The companies spend a fortune on advertising to draw you in. And the consumer (you) pay for it. You will save money if you buy store brands. You will also save more of your money by running an efficient kitchen. Buy in quantity when on sale. Double your recipes and serve at another meal. You can save money big time.

Unless you know better, you are apt to use brand products that you know and have seen in your parent’s and friend’s pantry. Those brands cost much more than store brands. These companies have high priced advertizing that you pay for. They are placed on the most convenient shelves in the store, at waist and shoulder height where you are most likely to look. Brand products pay extra for that convenience which is passed on to you also.

Brand names are a rip-off. Most store brands are the exact food as the brand name. They are foods that were left over after the brand name orders were filled. The leftovers are then canned and packaged as store brands. They are the same food but cost less and they don’t have that expensive brand label.

Many children aquire a taste for brand names after watching television where brand names are touted.Teach your children about store brands and have a tasting test. Prepare a taste test between their favorite brand names and the store brand. ( Be sure to hide the labels.)They will have fun doing it, and they will learn to scrutinize advertising and compare prices.

Here are a few comparisons of brand names versus store brands.

Brand Name and  Store Brand

1. Apple Juice 64 oz.  Brand  name $2.79  Store brand $1.99

2. Applesauce 15 oz. Brand name $1.17  Store brand.79

3. Red Kidney Beans 15 oz.  Brand name .83  Store brand .53

4. Hot dog buns 8  Brand name $1.79  Store brand .79

5. Vegetable Oil 24 oz.  Brand name $2.35  Store brand $1.49

6.Evaporated Milk 12 oz.  Brand name .85  Store brand.69

7.Baking Soda 16 oz.  Brand name .75  Store brand .55

8. Monterery Cheese 1 lb. Brand name $5.38  Store brand $3.99

9. Frozen Corn 10 oz.  Brand name .89  Store brand .79

10.Whole Wheat Bread 24 oz. Brand name $2.09  Store brand $1.69

11.Butter 1 lb. Brand name $2.69  Store brand $2.29

12. Sugar 5 lb. Brand name $2.69  Store brand $2.29

13. White Vinegar 16 oz. Brand name .79  Store brand .59

Count the difference in the name brands and the store brands and look what a savings. Just think what you could save on your grocery bill in a year.

You can also run an efficient kitchen.

1. Buy what you need in one visit to the grocery store. You will spend extra money on every trip you take. Buy more than you need of everything that is on sale. Save time and money by doubling your recipe and freezing half for next week.

2. Keep a container in the freezer for those extra scraps and any leftovers. Use them to make a pot of soup.

3. Skim milk costs less and is better for you than whole milk. Plain frozen vegetables are less expensive and they don’t have all the fat and salt of prepared foods. Legums are not expensive and are full of fiber,potassium, and protein.

4.Breakfast foods are low cost and are good for supper. Kids love it. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon are a good example.

Don’t throw these away.

1. Sour milk; Use it to make pancakes and biscuits.

2. Stale bread; Use it to make bread puddings or stuffing.

3. Overripe bananas; Make banana bread.

4. Dried up pound cake; Make french toast.

5. Stale corn flakes; Use them in cookie recipes.

6 Old wine; Add to your vinegar.

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  1. Great article, I always buy store brand from Safeway.

  2. Great tips, Ruby. Thanks :)

  3. You are so right there, Ruby.

    However, there are certain foods that the brand name outweigh the store brands, like cereal. I will always buy “Kellogg” over any store brands.

    Excellent article with lots of valuable information.

  4. Great article. You forgot to mention the value of coupon clipping. Free money. ;-)


  5. That’s an excellent way to save money. Than you, ruby.

  6. Really great tips! Thank you!

  7. Ruby,

    I agree with Debra, though you are generally right, somethings are better in name brands.

  8. Some really handy tips here Ruby. I agree with the above comment. I can’t feed my husband on store brands. He always complains. I don’t know why. They taste the same to me.
    Good article as usual.


  9. As usual you have given us a very useful article. I buy the store brands myself and buy in bulk whenever possible. There are only the two of us but it can still get costly if you aren’t careful.

    I would love to shop in your stores…it’s half the price of what we pay here.

    Great work!

  10. Great write Ruby as always.

  11. Darlene, I thought our groceries were high here. I wish you could shop at our stores if your prices are so high.

    Reilley,I do clip coupons when they will get a lower price but as I don’t buy brand names coupons don’t save me money. The brand names cost more with coupons than store brands. Once in awhile they do save me money.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate all of them. You all take care.

  12. Great informative article Ruby. Everything you said is true right down to the last word. Consumer’s are effected by the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year by these big brand name company’s. Most of your off-brand products are just as good, and some are even better than the big brand names.

  13. Store brand is KING! Good article!

  14. Great article, I always buy store brands and don’t notice any quality difference.
    I was actually going to write an article on this so grrrrrrrrr you stole my idea :)

  15. Thanks again Ruby. Some other hint beyond generic brands…buy from farmer’s markets. Things like sauces, pickles and some soaps are super cheap and made locally – sort of gourmet brands – if you will.

    This has the benefit of supporting, “the little guy,” challenging both the brands and the generic brands produced by the supermarkets and is of the highest quality.

    Also, on a note – supermarkets repackage things in generic labels from brands – then they raise the price.

    Thanks Heroine ! j

  16. Great article.

  17. I shop once every two weeks at the commissary on the Navy Base. It really makes a different in my bill. Glad to see someone else likes breafast for dinner. I thought I was the only one. Well done and well researched article, Ruby.

  18. Great Article…
    The only thing that I will not buy at store brand is dish washing liquid because it seems so watery to me.

  19. I grew up on store brands. My parents were smart and passed this thriftiness onto me.
    Great tips as always, Ruby.

  20. We always compare prices, especially since so many products are comparable in quality. Thanks
    we also use old bread as treats for our sheep, chickens..etc.

  21. Store brand Coke a Cola tastes like cough medicine, but pretty much all other items are worth the savings. Good article Ruby, keep up the good work!

  22. You are right ruby. My dad works at the wal-mart distribution center where they do the packaging and things and he said that the milk machine that fills the milk jugs is the exact same milk put in both the bottles just a different lable of the front!! It made me laugh!! but good article!

  23. Hi Ruby,

    How right you are, excellent article, well written!!

  24. Good observation, Ruby and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  25. nice and helpful post,thanks

  26. Useful tips as usual, thanks!

  27. This is great.

  28. That’s fun!

  29. I make me angry when I go shopping, which I have to do today. Thank you for sharing this information, I am going to shop wisely, today.

  30. a very helpful article on how to save money,, thanks for sharing.

  31. Yeah, you’re right

    Thumbs up!

  32. An extremely useful articles in these belt-tightened times! Thanks, Ruby – excellent article. I have always been told, too, that quite often it is the same companies that make the store’s own stuff as make the branded items….!

  33. Ruby, you are right about store brands. When my husband worked in a packaging plant in NY, Del Monte and some of the other big names sent their labeled bottles to the plant to be packed with pickles, relishes, caper, etc. And to think we would select the name brand in the store and pay more. That stopped me. After all, who eats the label?

    Then to go one step further and eat fresh, we would be even better off. We pay extra for convenience but lose in nutrition. What a trade off. Usually I don’t bother clipping coupons because store brand is cheaper than name brand, even with the discount from the coupon!

    Take care & thanks.

  34. Nice tips Ruby. Our prices here in Canada are so much higher that even store brands can break the budget. I shop in bulk, fill my freezer and make nearly everything from scratch. It takes some extra time, but is worth it in the long run.

  35. Yes, a greatly needed eye opener…I imagine some who eat brand names in part or whole, will likely changed if hard times come close to home….I think food of any kind tastes better when you’re hungry. (grin) I loved this information. I am too care
    free when shopping.

  36. Great helpful advice, I try to always remember. great job!

  37. I am definitely bookmarking this one – what a wonderful article!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  38. I wrote an article like this a long time ago, and agree with you wholeheartedly. Yes, store brand is the way to go!

  39. Thanks again everyone for leaving your comments. It’s true that most of the time the store brands come from the same batch as the brand names. In my research I found that, say a brand name orders a thousand cans and there is enough left in the kettle to fill a few hundred more cans, the left over cans are sold under a store brand.Same food, same everything, but the label and the price.

    Thanks Angie, for pointing out about the milk. That’s just what I’m talking about.

  40. Judy, You are certainly right that fresh is good but did you know that frozen has better nutrition than most fresh vegetables? Frozen is picked, prepared,and frozen right in or near the fields on the same day it is picked, where fresh has to be transported all over the country. Of course if the food is grown near you it doesn’t have to go through that whole process and that is best of all.

  41. You’re right. Store brand products and brand name products are almost of the same quality. It’s a good thing not to be very particular about brand names.

  42. Great article, Ruby Hawk!

    Just a note: I usually buy store brands. But be careful. Sometimes the brand may be cheaper than the store brand, especially with sales. I went to the market the other day and grabbed my usual store brand canola oil. But as I was walking away, I noticed that the brand Wesson’s version (same quantity) was 35 cents cheaper! So even though the store brand is usually cheaper, remember to make price comparisons (overall price/quantity of product) between the available products, just to make sure you are getting the best deal.

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

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