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People are passionate for many things. We cannot live without a hobby or two. For some people, hobbies extend from being simply for fun to being a career. This is sadly only for the lucky ones. Not all hobbies translate well to careers. Those that do may lose their passion for it. Others are so passionate that their love can only flourish. If you truly love something, nothing should ever take away that particular feeling you hold for it in your heart. Hobbies can change but a true lover of something will never change their mind.

            Calvin Trillin is one such connoisseur. He is a man whose passion knows no bounds. His love of food does not stop even when the waist band of his pants does. This is demonstrated quite well in his many books including Alice, Let’s Eat: Further Adventures of a Happy Eater. His passion literally drips off each page as he eats and eats and talks about food even when you would not expect him to. Food is always his top priority even when he goes on vacation. While his wife, Alice, tries to tame him and be reasonable, he tries to convince her about making another stop for food on their way to dinner. Some might see his passion to excessive, but this shows how true his passion is in a way.

            Everyone eats. This is a simple fact. How can we not be passionate about food? To some extent, everyone is, whether there is something we really love or loathe entirely. We are passionate about food because we encounter it every day. Calvin has turned this into a hobby, an art form. Not everyone could go to the lengths he does just to get as much flavor from his travels as he does. Many people would get sick trying to eat as much as him. Full to bursting being his general ideal. It is amazing that he loves food in such quantities.

            We all have our hobbies, our passions. Calvin’s love of food reflects more than just a passion for what is on his plate. It is the idea of it being full, like his life, that really shines through in the end.

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  1. Very intereresting. Thanx

  2. Great article. Passionate about food would be me as well, though I do not have Calvin’s girth. I love to cook. Love the old vintage recipes. I love creating my own right down to the glaze or the garnish and what to serve with it. You might enjoy some of my food talk and recipes. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this.

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