A List of Things You Should Do Everyday. Every Day

One year after my brush with death, and I am still kicking. If I could stick my tongue out over the internet, I would, with a big "nah-nah"! It has become important to me to examine each day and look for the good in it, and to do things that really matter. Not just work, house chores, paying bills, but the really big stuff.

  1. Tell someone you love that you love them. Doesn’t matter who. Tell a child, a partner, a parent, a friend, your dog…whatever, but tell them. The things left unsaid until its too late become regrets that stay with us instead of the happy memory of a moment of love with someone important. Say the words.

  2. Enjoy the out of doors. Yep, leave the comfy chair for a minute and step outside. Even in the big city you can hear birds, feel the wind, see the sky and feel the sun on your face. We are children of nature, no matter how much we pretend not to be, and just a little bit of time outside can improve your mood and make everything seem brighter. Get some vitamin D from the sun hitting your skin, get some fresh air into lungs too used to stale dust, and maybe even get some exercise. If all you can do is get to the window, do that and have the darn thing opened. It helps. Trust me, whatever else is going on in your life, it helps.

  3. Spend time with your family. Not in front of the TV, but in a park or playing a game, or drawing together, or reading together, or talking together-even if it is just on the phone. If you have children, no matter what their age, be with them in some way. Send a note, email, facebook message, phone call, or just cuddle with them on the couch. Enjoy them and the rest of your family and let them enjoy you and what you have to offer as a person and parent and spouse.

  4. Do something that you want to do. We spend so much of our time as parents, as caregivers, as friends, as good employees, as spouses, we forget about ourselves. Take five minutes and read something that you want, buy something that is just for yourself, or watch something for yourself. It can make such a difference in your mood and mentality. Stay sane!

  5. Contact someone whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is so easy with our social connections we have available today. Call them on the phone, email them, poke them on facebook, whatever! Life is so short, and we miss out on so much that we can give and get from the friends and social connections we make. Make someone’s day with just a minute of your time!

  6. Eat something you want to eat. Not something that is necessarily good for you, (though many yummy things are good for you.) but something that you genuinely enjoy eating. Ignore the diet for one thing at one meal. Have something that you loved from childhood, or brings up a happy memory. Enjoy eating! It is a huge part of our lives and shouldn’t be a chore or a set of hard restrictions. Look up some new recipes, or try a food that you have never had or have been afraid of trying until now. Live gastronomically.

  7. Try something new! See point number six, but also try a new exercise, or a new game, or a new place to eat, or walk down a different street or read a book that you wouldn’t normally have picked up about a subject you know nothing about. Go to a new place, big or small. It could be a new country or a new coffee house, but go! Try something new. (needed to say that twice.)

  8. Thank someone.  Thank God/Gods/Goddess for your life.  Thank the waitress at your table.  Thank the toll booth attendant.  Thank your cab driver.  Thank your children for their laughter, your spouse for doing the dishes, whatever.  But be thankful.
  9. Smile.  Laugh.  Be in the moment and make that moment a happy one.  Each day is too short to frown about it, and I have to tell you, a simple smile can brighten the worst day.  Not only your own, but the above toll booth attendant or waitress or cab driver or partner.  It is hard to be upset with someone who is beaming at you.

Enjoy your life, no matter what your age, or station, or job or place.  Be alive. 





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  1. I can somewhat relate this to my profile page here in triond. And I agree with you that these must be done daily.

  2. I think passing a stool daily should be somewhere in there don’t you ?

    Great post!!

  3. Great to do list

  4. Great! Quite creative! I, for one, know I love my family members, but I do not tell them as much on a daily basis. Thanks!

  5. Well I shall follow the advice of your eighth point by thanking someone: you, for writing an uplifting piece that brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

  6. Well written

  7. awww i really liked what you wrote

  8. I agree, my dog is missing and I should have told him how much I love him instid of telling him to stop jumping on me.

  9. I think smiling is a great thing to do, what’s the worst thing that will happen, you’ll will make someone else smile?

  10. I think smiling is a great thing to do, what\’s the worst thing that will happen, you’ll make someone else smile?

  11. Maybe a bit too much for me to fit in one day, but worth a try.
    :-) Nice share.

  12. I’ve really enjoyed your article. Excellent tips and advice! Now, I’m off to try something new and purposeful.

  13. great list

  14. its the little things that count the most

  15. well… i’ve just do my routines. sleep … take a bath and get work !

  16. i think i like this

  17. This is my favourite article that I have come across in my first few days on Triond. I have recently left my full time job and am definitely appreciating the sort simple things in life that you described here and will bear them in mind when constructing my daily to do lists! Hope to read more articles like this!

  18. Really a very useful article
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    Nice ideas are clearly told
    And nowhere boredom enters
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  19. I agree with you. We should be positive for a better life.

  20. A gr8 share. Let me see whether I can stick on to such a gr8 schedule.

  21. great list ,we really should do it!

  22. great list!..i will do of them!

  23. great advice!

  24. I agree with that.

  25. nice one…………

  26. Nice share! I just have a little doubt with tip #6 on eating what you want. I still would encourage people to eat the food they want that is healthy. We can have our cheat day once in a while but let’s not do this everyday.

  27. A comprehensive guide to good living. Nice share.

  28. Awesome list it made me smile. There kind of to much to do in one day :P but thanks.

  29. I make a “list” of things i should do every day Annie, i just can’t remember what i did with the list…haha On a serious note, thie was a well constructed article with a lot of very sound self help advice. We get up each day and go through the same routine not taking time to be thankful for health and strength, food and clothing, and especially for a shelter over our heads. There is a suffering world out there, and most of us are blessed each day of our lives. Thanks for making us aware of our blessings Annie. Well done my friend.

  30. My favorites are getting out of doors, and trying something new. Also, eating great foods. All are very good things to do, though.

  31. What an encouraging article! Yes, it’s true that it’s so easy to enjoy simple things that are around us… we need just to find time to do that and remember doing that every day. Thank you for sharing!

  32. hehehe lol even tho i didnt read it all and i just scanned throgh it it looked great!

  33. very well said. I like your advises. It’s too practical.

  34. Thank you for the smile.

    Eric Pinola

  35. Loved it!

  36. Definitely things I need to do more…

  37. Good that your brush with death did not happen. Would have liked for the topics to be bolded throughout the list. But then maybe I’m just too visual today. Good article

  38. Well done. Thanks for that.

  39. absolutely beautiful. i enjoyed it. well said.

  40. Give some1 a hug is also something I do every day xD

  41. It is a great article. It gives people things to ponder about.

  42. very special things in life..good one…

  43. All the important things in life that really matter.

  44. This article is so touching and such good advice for everyone. We should all look around us and see the beautiful things you have described.

  45. Thanks for the share.

  46. And do you know what, as these things become habit you find you do them without even thinking. Good work here.

  47. I really like this article. I so agree with you that we really need to stop and smell the roses. I am glad you were spared and you see what really matters in life. Great job.

  48. Very nice. Good, practical suggestions.

  49. brilliant

  50. Wonderful article! Life is too short as it is, yes, go and enjoy each new day!

  51. so true

  52. thanks so much, it has lots of great tips for everyone, especially a stay-at-home mom like me…….

  53. nicely said. taking a stroll outside is a gr8 relaxer exercise for physical and mental well being. love yourself, love thyself, love everyone you meet. live in happiness, promote happiness.

  54. well said..i liked it a lot :)

  55. Great list. I too browse early morning some days.

  56. Sticking to that list really leads you to happiness. That’s more or less the way I try to live.

  57. Loved this list!

  58. This is a wonderful article and full of things we should try for in our daily lives. I especially love to pass along a smile or a word of encouragement and always get pleasure in telling my darling grandchildren that I love them.

    It would be great if you decide on writing an article about your brush with death, we would be interested in reading it. I too, have come close to this more times than has been comfortable and feel as though I must be living on borrowed time.

    Let us know if you write this article, I’m interested and you sound like a wonderful person!

  59. Very positive. *thumbs up*

  60. very nice… thanks for the lovely content

  61. Thanks, A splendid article

  62. this is an amazing read…I think I will add some of those in my daily routines. :)

  63. I wish I do these things more often.

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