10 Unusual Uses For Ice Cube Trays

These are 10 ideas for uses you may not have thought of for your ice cube trays and your freezer.

  1. Firstly, when making ice cubes, use cooled, boiled water as this makes clear ice that
    will look better in drinks.

  2. As an alternative, for pretty shaped ice cubes, try using the trays from chocolate boxes.
    As they tend to be quite flexible it is advisable to put them on something stiff until the ice
    has frozen.

  3. Lemon juice can be frozen in the ice cube trays to be used at a later date in cooking etc.
  4. If you have fresh herbs that will not all be used, then they can be frozen in water in the
    ice cube trays again to be used later in cooking.

  5. Leftover syrup or fruit juice can be frozen to use in drinks as an alternative to ice.
  6. Any leftover gravy can be boiled up until it is thick, then when cooled, frozen in ice cube
    trays for later use.

  7. Stewed apple can be cooled and put in the ice cube trays to freeze, so that small
    portions of apple sauce can be used when required.

  8. When freezing soup, I think ice cube trays may be a bit small for this, place the soup
    in a plastic bag which then fits in a square container like a sandwich box. When the soup
    has frozen, remove it from the box and it will be easier to store in the freezer.

  9. Fresh bread is sometimes hard to cut. If you pop it in the freezer for just 5 to 10 minutes
    it will be a lot easier and less crumbly to cut.

  10. This is not a freezer tip but it does use the ice cube tray. When making fudge, it can be
    shaped nicely by popping it into the ice cube trays to set.
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