10 Popular Canadian Meals

Traditional and famous dishes across Canada. Not all dishes originated in Canada but most have their own Canadian touches added to them.

Canada is a great place to visit and live in my opinion but we also have some pretty good cuisine here. Although not all the dishes you will read about have originated from Canada most have had ingredients added to them to make them unique and partly Canadian. So if you love food and are curious about what dishes come from this country then feel free to read on and enjoy!


Quebec Poutine

A lot of people disagree that the poutine originated in rural Quebec in the 1950’s but according to Canadian history it is true. Never the less a real Quebec poutine consists of a layer of French fries then covered with cheese curds then topped with hot chicken gravy to melt it all together. It’s a great cheap snack that is served at any restaurant or chip wagon throughout Canada. If you’re ever visiting Quebec I would highly recommend trying one.

Ginger Beef

When Chinese immigrants came to Canada they brought a few recipes but while these recipes were being used to feed railroad workers they were kind of plain so the workers started adding there own touches too many of the Chinese recipes. This is a dish that’s famous in most Chinese restaurants in Calgary, Alberta that consists of deep fried strips of beef rolled in ginger and chili and cost about $10. It’s described as having a crunch to it with a tidal wide of flavor when you bite into it. It’s an amazing tasting dish according to people I know who have tried it.

Pate Chinois

This is a French Canadian Chinese dish better known as Sheppard’s Pie. Although it’s also known as Chinese Pie most of the ingredients couldn’t be found in China at the time and actually originated in Quebec. The dish is made by making a layer of ground beef in a pan, next layered with corn then topped with mashed potatoes and cooked. When complete it should look like a perfectly layered cake.

It’s not an exotic Canadian dish but it is pretty popular from coast to coast and is definitely a good meal to fill ones appetite.

Halifax Donair

Everyone knows the Donair is not a Canadian creation but a shop called the “King of Donairs” in Halifax, Nova Scotia came up with their own sauce and method to cooking them and opened their first restaurant in 1973 which became very popular over the decades.

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  1. great article, looks delicious.

  2. your Canidain food sounds delicious but you shouold add more choses but i made one and it was awsome and its amzing how two diff. parts of world could love eachothers food if you just open it up to them and share with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Famous foods from the Maritimes….Garlic Fingers, donairs, baked beans, potatoe scallop, hodge podge, corn chowder, fish chowder…egg sandwiches..LOL…corned beef and cabbage…etc etc etc.

  4. this food looks very diferent then what i eat

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  6. thx so much 4 the info. im doing a school project on canada and this really helped :)

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  9. i went to america for a couple days
    and i went out to eat, i bought fries, i asked for gravy
    and the waitress gave me a strange and disgusted look xD
    i had to go back to canada.

  10. Don’t say “ew” until you try them.

  11. they look good

  12. Mimosa, when i visited canada i saw fries and gravey and i was like ewww and my mom said to try it, i tried it and i loved it and when i went back home I missed it I wanted to go back canada so bad. lol

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  15. THX for helping but they don\’t seem so good

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  18. You need help!! America is awsome, you’re just so used to Canada. You wouldn’t like it if I said that ate weird or anything so don’t say it about ours! And what about your Canadian bacon? It’s just ham there’s nothing special about a piece of HAM!!!

  19. Dude!! You’t don’t know shit, pate chinois is called ”chinese pie” because that’s what the chinese immigrants were eating while building some railway. Canada is the best country in the world hands down. Canada is kind of like a chinese pie, steak-corn-potatoes. and quebec like a poutine cheese-gravy-potatoes there is no better words to describe my beautiful country. PS if you are not Canadian you should kill yourself.

  20. This was very helpful. It helped me alot with my school report about Canada. And for the both of you, Canada, and America is both awesome! (:

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  26. My roommate is Canadian and she was telling us about the stuff she eats there, that we don’t have here. We found Canadian food online and I’m excited to try ketchup potato chips, I hear about them all the time.

  27. Please don’t say eww or bad things about foods. It’s blessed to have food on the table.

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