10 Great Cold Desserts for Summer

The best desserts to eat in summer are cold desserts, taken straight out of the fridge, and those that are quick and easy to make are great.

The best desserts to have on a hot summers day are those that have been brought straight out of the fridge or freezer.  Cold desserts are refreshing and can help cool you down.  Many are quick and easy to prepare, like a fruit salad, or you could put in a little more effort and make a delicious pavlova.  If you are entertaining make sure you have enough room in your Westinghouse fridge to store all your desserts.  There are great fridges available that have enough storage space to handle all your large platters.  Be sure that after buying a new fridge that you update your contents insurance to include cover for your new purchase.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is a great healthy dessert option and it is also easy to assemble.  You can, if you are really pressed for time, open a can of fruit salad and serve this on top of a small meringue with some cream or ice cream, a popular dessert for kids.  Fresh fruit salad is great when entertaining as you can serve the fruit cut up on large platters and let guests help themselves to their favourite fruit.  Choose from fruits in season which in summer will include stone fruits like apricots, peaches, nectarines and cherries, but also put out kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, watermelon and cantaloupe. 


Jelly is great for kids, big and small.  It is quick to make and comes in a huge array of flavours.  You can now also buy jelly that you can add your own flavour to, which you can even try adult versions by mixing it with a bit of your favourite liqueur.  Jelly can also be set into all sorts of fun shapes if you have a jelly mould. 

Ice cream

Ice cream is great in summer and is another quick dessert that will keep your kids happy.  There are so many varieties of ice cream available today that we are spoilt for choice, and there more indulgent flavours available too, like Rocky Road and ice cream flavoured with Wattle Seed.  You can even easily make your own with an ice cream maker.


A little more preparation involved with a pavlova but no barbecue is complete without the traditional pavlova with its mound of meringue piled high with cream and fresh fruit.

Chocolate Ripple Cake

Another fairly quick dessert, but always a favourite, all you need to do to assemble your Chocolate Ripple Cake is to stick together Chocolate Ripple biscuits with whipped cream, then cover the log all over with cream, then pop it in the fridge so that it softens.

Chocolate mousse

There are many chocolate mousse recipes around so have a good look through your recipe books or on the internet.  Chocolate mousse is a rich, smooth chocolate dessert that is great to serve when entertaining.


A trifle always looks impressive but can be really easy to make, depending on the recipe you choose.  A simple triple is to layer a serving bowl with jam sponge rolls, then spoon canned fruit salad on top of this, then layer with set jelly and finally pour over custard.  Simple.

Cheese Cake

To make a perfect cheese cake you will need a spring form pan.  There are plenty of great cheese cake recipes including lemon, chocolate, berry and vanilla. 

Peach Melba

A dessert named over Dame Nellie Melba, the opera singer, and involves the combination of meringue, peaches. raspberries and cream.

Berry Pudding

A simple dessert, ingredients to shop for include jelly, evaporated milk, mixed berries and icing sugar.  A sweetly refreshing dessert for a hot summers day.

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