Yardsellr Review

What drove me and then drove me away.

I began selling on Yardsellr about March of 2012.  It was great when I started.  The site was popular and gaining popularity daily.  Sellers loved the fact that there were no fees for selling and buyers were enjoying the photon program.  Photons are like rewards you get for referring others or they can even be given to you by sellers.  The photons take away from the price you would normally have to pay for an item.  To make up for this the site charged the buyer a slice.  At the time the slice was not very much and wasn’t turning people off at all.

Unfortunately the slice changed and so did the popularity.  The site claimed they were losing money due to PayPal fees and therefore upped the slice.  Anyone who has sold using PayPal knew that really the site was doing fine.  There was no way they were losing money.  Let me put it this way: I sold an item for $70 and the site wanted to charge the buyer a $10 slice.  The buyer and I decided to do the sell via PayPal instead to get around that.  The PayPal fee was $2.33.  This was before the slice was upped, which tells me that even before the slice was upped they were still making way over what PayPal was charging for fees.  I was very turned off by the upping of the slice as I didn’t want my customers having to pay the extra slice.  I stuck with the site but was nowhere near as enthusiastic.

Now they have completely turned me off.  The company adopted a direct deposit payout option rather than using PayPal.  The problem was that they kept the slice and actually started charging the seller too if they still chose PayPal for payout.  So now they have completely ruled out their own reason for even having a slice but they still have one.  The slice stayed the same even with the fact that sellers were now being charged too.  Due to the fees now being charged to both buyers and sellers I have completely refused to continue supporting them.

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