Tracfone is a prepaid cell phone company that has “no bills, no contracts, no surprises” and where you are in control. These are some ways to take advantage of this type of cell phone and get the most for your money.

In a previous article, I mentioned that I was planning to switch my family cell phones over to Tracfone. The reason is that I was reviewing my cell phone usage and I was paying for over 600 minutes that I was not using each month. I researched several of the prepaid phone companies and decided that the way Tracfone worked would be the best way to get the most of my money. Be aware that if you are a phone user that regularly uses over 100 minutes per month per phone, you may be better off using one of the budget or family plans from the bigger contract based companies.

No Sign up fee, activation fee or long contract to sign

One of the most appealing thing about Tracfone is there are no fees of any kind to sign up with them. You can even port your current phone number to Tracfone for free. There are no contracts whatsoever. The company even offers some monthly based value plans that will auto add minutes to a phone each month but are not a contract and can be canceled any time.

Free phones

The company offers many free phones from their website with the purchase of minutes. The cost of the Minute “top up cards” are the same or cheaper than they normally are in a retail store or from the company but you get a brand new, or reconditioned phone with the purchase of the minutes.

Bonus codes

The company offers many bonus codes that give extra minutes when a Minute card is added to a phone. A simple Google search for “tracfone bonus codes” reveals plenty of sites that have an up to date record of current working bonus codes, how many minutes they add and what Minute cards they work with.

Double Minutes For Life

One more interesting thing about the company, they sell a card that will add “Double Minutes” onto your phone. From that point onward, that particular phone will automatically double any minutes that are added to the phone. So if you add a 60 Minute card, 120 minutes will be added to the phone plus any bonus minutes using bonus codes. Bonus minutes added to the phone are not doubled however. There are even many phones that come with the Double Minutes already on the phone.

Making the most of your money

Doing a bit of research about the company and all the offers available, one can save quite a bit of money (considering prepaid will work for you)

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  1. That’s some good advice. I’ll check it out.

  2. You are brilliant, Jesse, for doing such extensive homework on this subject. I truly hope the Tracfone service meets your needs. Considering the research you’ve done here, I’m certain this is the best decision for you.

    This is, as always, a well thought, well written article. I look forward to more from you on ways to save money in these trying economic times.

    Your friend,

  3. Very thoughtful review. Thank you.

  4. I decided to dump my AT&T phone for a prepaid phone. Got a Tracfone for 30 bucks but it was kinda-sorta free since it came with 30 bucks worth of air time.

    Now I budget my phone use by buying the amount of time I want, up front. I also got a double minutes card which makes it an even better value.

    There are some expenses that can be “managed” and those are the ones to budget.

    and I love it. It’s a really good basic phone but I don’t need anything more than that. Plus, I’m also very happy with Trac. Very easy to use and nice to not get bills, too. LOL.

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