The Mattress Pad Heater Versus the Electric Blanket

Looking at the differences between the mattress pad heater and the electric blanket.

The comforts of my bed rose the day I was given a mattress pad heater for my bed. The sheets on the bed are never cold when getting into bed because I turn on the mattress pad heater to heat the bed before I get in my toes are never cold.

It is better to have a mattress pad heater than to have a heating blanket. If you follow the rules of science, a mattress pad heater is more efficient for heating your body. This is because heat rises. Since the mattress pad heater is the mattress pad on the bed, it makes sense that it will heat your body best because you are on top of the mattress pad so when the heater is on the heat is rising toward your body.

A heated blanket although it may keep you warm loses heat and wastes electricity because the heat from the blanket is rising, and if you are underneath the blanket, you are not receiving all the heat the blanket is generating. No matter which way you place the blanket, you will always lose heat.

You do not have to worry about leaving the mattress pad heater plugged in and having it cause a fire. The latest mattress pad heaters that are made have built in protection to prevent that kind of thing from happening.

The only advantage you do have with the electric blanket is that you can take it off the bed. Personally, I would still prefer the electric mattress pad over the electric blanket any day.

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