Taking Breaks and Doing Other Things

Taking Breaks and doing other things. Sometimes we just need to take a break from something and re fuel and do other things that we like to do.

And they all got hair cuts from their grandmother today.  Well, all but one.  The other had a visit to the dentist for a tooth drilling.

And today she and were cleaning the house while the kids were at school.  And I was busy getting packages ready to mail for a while.  That can be time consuming too.  I cleaned out my ex’s pantry and then helped get rid of all the old socks in the laundry room that don’t fit them anymore.  And I’ve got one more good sized garbage bag down in his cellar of outfits to sell on ebay.  

And then I am looking forward to finding things at yardsales to sell.  I am running out of my stuff.  But I will need to be careful as I won’t want to get too much that I am not going to be able to sell.  You kind of learn as you go as to what will sell and what won’t.  And sometimes relisting things works as it usually sells the second time around.  Or sometimes I will not relist something for a little while and then maybe try it again later.

And then Goodwill gets some things that are just not worth relisting.  Right now I have some bathingsuits I am selling as they don’t fit me really anymore.  Really pretty stuff, but it doesn’t fit.  I have graduated to one of those full dress bathing suits now.  Which used to just be for older women but nowadays are for the younger women too.

I always remember years ago growing up and seeing the much older women in them.  And now the fashions have really changed a lot.

jennifer Jo Fay

April 11, 2012

The skirt.  This was in it’s earlier stages.  I think it is about thirty inches now.  It’s definitely at my knees, but I think I would like it to be longer than that.  And now it is sporting my jewelry and knitting markers on it.  

Well, I should get going.  Still need to eat I guess.

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