Taking Breaks and Doing Other Things

Taking Breaks and doing other things. Sometimes we just need to take a break from something and re fuel and do other things that we like to do.

Taking that much needed break sometimes means seeing that we need it and forcing ourself to break away from the thing that we love to do.

I love to write.  It has always been a big passion of mine.  But the thing about me is that I also love to do lots of other things.  I’m an artist and a crafter too.  Sometimes I probably have too many ideas on my plate.  That’s just me and there is no way of getting around it.  I’ve always been a girl who loves to have more than one thing going.  For me it is probably about ten or more different things.

And lately Ebay has been one as it is the money maker for me.  I have clearly been making more than I did last year at my retail job parttime that I quit.  And last month I did really well at Ebay, but unfortunately a nasty doctor bill took a lot of it and other bills coughed up most of the rest.  Bummer.  And have been having car problems so I’ve got to start saving for a new used car at some point.  

And lately I have been enjoying making knitting markers, charm bracelets, and bottle cap necklaces.  Of course I am hoping to sell all this on Ebay.  And they are quick and easy to make.

And the skirt I’m knitting has been taking some time.  I’m now at the knees where it is taking more time as I have been increasing the stitches as I’m working on the flare.  I’m almost ready to add my pink color which is going to be the end and I might decide to attach some seed beads to a strand of yarn and knit it in.  Depends on how hard it is to get them on the yarn if I will do it or not.  

Then after that big project is done, I want to go on to knitting the smaller doll clothing to sell and some to keep for my dolls I’m not selling.

And next I’ve got to figure out how to get my sewing machine going.  I’ve got some jean fixing projects to do and after that I will attempt my sewn doll outfits.

And then I’ve got to get back to writing.  

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