Simple Golf: How to Swing Like a Tour Pro

I offer two simple tips to improve the golf swing.

It’s a very simple fix but, I don’t recall a teacher ever telling me about it. If you watch the tour pros on television, notice how the majority of them, and especially the long hitters, set up to the golf ball with their lead elbow pointed along the target line. I’m talking about the left elbow for the righty and the right elbow for the lefty. This enables them to turn the arm into a very efficient and powerful lever and, it enables them to contral the clubface better. Look at players like; Adam Scott, Rory Mcilroy, Fred Couples and Dustin Johnson, they all have this in common when they swing at the golf ball.

Another easy thing to do that really helps with ball striking is keeping your trail knee bent (right knee for righties, left knee for lefties). This helps keep you still and stable as you swing and will result in a more consistent swing. By keeping the flex in your knee, you automatically eliminate the probability of the reverse pivot where the torson leans toward the target during the backswing and results in erratic contact and a

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