Seven Sexy Outfits That Drive Men Crazy

Seven sexy outfits that drive men crazy.

Men know little about fashion! At least, tell us (read “lying to us”). If you kept asking them are sexy on a woman have in mind at least three, eh? And know that not only “naked dress” or “almost empty” is on their minds.    

Scientists in America claim that women wearing red than the eye of many men if they would take different colored clothes.After being asked to watch photos of women dressed in black and red, survey participants said, mostly they want to kiss or have sex with women dressed in red. They also said that white and green colors are not conducive to flirting.

But what I found interesting is the few local men:

Dress Casual Friday

You have a meeting after the job? No need to take your other clothes to your office or to give up a run home to change attire:“The girl of my dreams would be to wear at a meeting held a semi-casual business and necessarily less sexy shirt”says Michael, 26 years

Jeans and leather jacket

“Black boots, jeans tight enough to show her beautiful forms. But do not be extremely tight, to not be able to lie down” , describes his beloved Bogdan’s favorite outfit. “And, of course, a leather jacket, because it provides an incredibly sexy air “ , he added

A sport dress and sneakers

Sorry, girls party, but most men I interviewed said they “melt” when they see a girl wearing that. “I prefer a girl more” sporty “than one with pompons, who stood before the mirror 3:00 to arrange. It seems such a boring woman. I remember my girlfriend who came to the first meeting with dresses very summer, just above the knees and sneakers. Such a bound is simply HOT “ - Robert, 31 years

Short skirt – definitely!

“A skirt that fits perfectly on forms or on the contrary, a very large detail that makes you guess the bottom to form legs covered with a short skirt is not repaired … will never go out of style. There will always be most popular with men. I hope and women to wear them and enjoy the sight ”- Stefan, 27 years

Fetish buttons

“I have a fetish for white shirts and blouses with buttons wearing my girlfriend. I love them, especially when you have to unbutton them. I look incredibly sexy” - Eusebius, 28 years old

Office attire

“I can never resist a woman who is wearing glasses and dressed office. This is an incredibly powerful held in front of me. If there has hair up in a queue up in the top of the head, are close to orgasm … “ - Vali, 27 years

Empty, but kept!

“Nothing is more fun than watching your naked girlfriend, how to dress when preparing to go to the office. Asleep as morning, I open one eye and a ’spy’ As the shower comes on tiptoe, put his train , bra … is the ‘activity’ that never becomes boring. Especially when they put those black bikini that I adore … “ Michael, 31.

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