Saved Money by Not Buying at Apple Store

I could have saved at least half the price when not buying some of my future MacBook Pro 15" accessories from Apple Store, but from

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As in the description, I could have saved half the price when buying my new MacBook Pro 15″’s accessories from, and not (I live in Finland). I couldn’t do it though, because doesn’t chip electronics to Finland, and even if it would, the shipping only would cost about double or triple the items price.

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I had just found some accessories that I needed for my future MacBook Pro 15″ at Apple Store, and I all the time found new things that I “needed” like a really cool laptop stand (mStand), a 15″ laptop backpack, a 15″ laptop sleeve, protective film for all the 15″ laptops screen (also antiglare), keyboard, trackpad and “palm rest area”. Then I continued by finding a hardcase for my 15″ MacBook Pro, a 7 Port Portable USB Hub, Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Wireless Keyboard, iHome Portable & Rechargeable Mini Speakers, a DC AC inverter (for charging my MacBook Pro 15″ in the car or airplane) and finally a laptop lock for keeping my MacBook Pro 15″ safe. And finally when I went to check their price at the Basket alongside the MacBook Pro 15″’s price, I almost fainted (not really).

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I did know that I couldn’t afford all of those when buying from Apple Store, and especially not at the same time that I am going to buy my new MBP (MacBook Pro) which costs above 2 000 € itself. I started randomly looking at prices elsewhere, but in Finland, they often don’t sell exactly the thing that you want. I became frustarted by this, so at this point I started looking for just other products elsewhere, but didn’t really find anything interesting. Then, I randomly went to, and was delighted, they were almost all there, and almost double the cheaper together (because of the USD and Euro difference) than in Apple Store, but their chipping to Finland would have made them cost more than what they already did in Finland’s Apple Store, which even has a free chipping to all over Finland for all “baskets” worth 100€ and more. Then I decided to check out the other Amazons (that I know of), and was a little bit too pricey as usual (due to the british pound), but had some quite good deals. I could easily find (most) of the products that I would have bought from Apple Store, but that I could save tens of euros with only one purchase when compared to the Apple Store’s prices.

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