Preparing a Diaper Bag for New Baby

Like most women, if you’re pregnant and it’s getting close, you’ll be reading anything you can find that pertains to having a baby. We can’t cover everything, a lot of it has to be mother’s intuition, BUT we can help with the essentials to pack in a diaper bag!

Preparing a Diaper Bag for New Baby

Number One Item – Diapers.

You never know when poo will strike, so be on the safe since and take more than you think you’ll need. Once your baby becomes more “regular” and you’re more familiar with their individual needs you can adjust to what you feel is an appropriate amount. In the meantime, plan to take one diaper for every hour that you’re out and 2 more, just in case.

Baby Wipes

Not only do they make cleaning dirty bottoms a snap, but you can use them to clean their faces, their hands, your hands, anything that needs cleaning. Instead of lugging around the big container, consider putting a portion of wipes into a Ziploc bag. Again, you can determine yours and your baby’s needs once you’re on more familiar footing.

Diaper Cream

The tubes aren’t huge, and if your baby needs it, you’ll be happy that you have it.

Burp Rags / Cloth Diapers

These work for everything from a changing pad to a real burp rag, to a washcloth if you really need it.

Feeding Supplies

Whether you are using formula or expressed milk, you’ll need the supplies to feed your child. Formula babies need formula and water, bottle, nipple and ring. Breast fed babies need Mom – OR expressed milk (kept chilled, so keep with a cooler pack) in a bottle with nipple and ring. If you’re breastfeeding, you may consider also bringing a cover-up of some sort. If your baby is on solid foods, or transitioning, you’ll need a container of their food, a baby spoon, a bib, and perhaps even snacks depending on how long you’ll be gone.

Clothing Changes

Your baby will need a complete set. You will need at least a spare shirt. If you’re just going to grandma’s, you can leave your shirt out of the diaper bag, but keep it handy!

Pacifiers / Toys / Loveys

I’m lumping together things that will calm your baby. If your baby uses a pacifier, take two clean ones in a sanitary container. Bring along one or two small and interesting toys to distract them. And if they have a particular favorite item – buy a second and keep it in your diaper bag. It will be a life saver.

Mom’s Needs

Mamas, if you just gave birth, carry a couple of pads in your diaper bag. Water for you to drink is also important, especially if you’re breastfeeding.  

Additional Items

Changing Pad – a lot of women bring a waterproof changing pad with them. Personally, I use a large cloth diaper or a receiving blanket. I like multi-tasking items.

Large and small Ziploc bags – Excellent for soiled clothing, used burp rags, leaky bottles, dirty spoons, etc. Endless uses and VERY compact!

Hat and Sun block for Baby – I keep a tiny tube in the diaper bag and a hat in the car, just in case.

Baby socks / booties – They’re tiny and baby feet can get cold really fast.

Baby Medical Items – Baby Tylenol, Q-tips, gas medicine, etc. are all very handy to have if you need them!!

Contacts – Your pediatrician’s name and number, YOUR name and number and an Emergency Contact’s name and number.  

A Camera! – It’s your new baby, you never know when you’ll have a great photo op of them being absolutely adorable!!!



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