Pay Verizon Phone Bill

If you have Verizon Wireless there are many different ways you can go about paying off your phone bill.

The great part of having a Verizon cell phone is being able to talk to people whenever and wherever you want, without being confined to a land line. Of course, in order to keep your wireless service, you must pay the bill on time. Luckily there are several convenient ways to pay your bill such as in person, mail, online or even over the phone.

In Store

Go to the nearest Verizon wireless service store if you have questions about your bill, or if you’re unsure how to pay. Most shopping malls have a Verizon store or display, if there are no service stores nearby.

Tell the associate that you wish to pay your bill. He will ask for your ten-digit cell phone number to pull up your account. He also may ask for the last four digits of your social security number, to make sure you are accessing the correct account.

Give them your form of payment, which can be credit card, debit card, cash or check.

Receive your printed receipt for proof of payment.


Go to the website. There is a link provided in the “Resources” section (see bottom of last page).

Click “My Verizon,” then register for an online account (if you don’t have one yet) by clicking “Go” under the “Register Now” section. You will be prompted to fill out your billing information and phone number.

Select “Pay Bill,” then type in your form of payment. You can either pay with check, credit card or debit card. You can save your billing information to avoid filling out the information again next month. You can pay through your checking account by including your bank and account routing numbers (found on the bottom of your check).

Review the bill to ensure the charges are correct. There will be a call log which will display all of the calls made during the billing cycle. There will also be a section for text messages and Internet use.

Submit the payment. It will take one to two business days for your account to reflect your payment.

Mailing the Bill in
Open your bill and go over it to make sure there are no unexpected overages. There is a toll free number listed on the top of the bill in case you do.
Detach the payment slip from the rest of the bill (it will be perforated) and fill out the back side for how exactly you will be paying (check, credit card). If by card, fill out the information regarding the card’s numbers and expiration date. Fill in the amount you’d like to pay. If paying by check fill out the check for the correct amount and make it out to Verizon Wireless.
Insert the detached bill into the provided envelope (as well as the check if needed) and seal up the envelope.
Place a stamp on the envelope and write in your return address.
Drop off the envelope at any post office or mail bin.

Pay By Phone
Open the bill from Verizon Wireless and go over it to make sure there aren’t any unexpected overage charges.
Call the toll free 800 number which is listed on the top of the bill.
Select a language by pressing 1 or 2, then follow the prompts until you you get to the paying method.
Punch in the credit/debit card number with the phone’s number bad, or type in the bank and routing numbers of the check (depending on how you will be paying). Type in the amount you’d like to pay (if different from the actual bill),

  • There are two other primary ways to pay for your cell phone bill. The first is mailing Verizon the payment. To do this, take the bill you received, with the return envelope. Enclose a check for the appropriate amount with the letter, then play a stamp on it and mail it out. There is no need to address the envelope because it is already self addressed.
  • The other way to pay is to pay by phone. There will be an 800 number listed on the bill you receive in the mail. Call the number and follow the prompts to proceed to the payment area. Select how you would like to pay (check or credit/debit card) and follow their remaining steps to complete your payment.

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