Never Buy at “the Mobile Store” in India!

A Critical review of one of the outlets of "The Mobile Store" located in New Delhi, India. All facts are completely authentic and a matter of personal experience and taste.

The Mobile Store is the name of a nation-wide brand in India that sells mobile phones and all it’s related accessories. The brand has a whooping 1050 outlets set up in all sorts of remote corners of what is called as India. It says that it sells branded mobile phones at a discounted price, which is incomparable. They wish to open 2500 stores by the end of 2010, across 650 Indian cities. The CEO of this brand is Mr. Srikant Gokhle.

To firstly state, I have regularly been purchasing mobile phones from various outlets of The Mobile Store, namely from stores located in Khanna Market, Lodhi Road and B-Block, Connaught Place in New Delhi, India. I have earlier purchased Nokia 6233 from the latter store and Fly E105 from the former store, over a span of one and a half years. Only recently, I thought of buying a new phone and having bestowed great trust in Nokia; I couldn’t think of any other new mobile brand who’s products have had a decent review. As always, I thought of buying my new phone from one of The Mobile Store outlets, near my house; thus, I planned to buy it from the store located in Connaught Place.

On 19.07.2010, at 7 in the evening, I visited the store in C.P. Though, I was pretty clear as to what I wanted to purchase(Nokia E71), I still hoped to have my opinion changed, by glancing and by being educated about the various other latest mobile models on offer. When I entered the store(not really a “store”, since it was more like a middle-sized room), I found a huge crowd of people; the sounds of great hustle and bustle and chirrupings etc. and I thought; “has the store really become so popular, that the entire city wants to in shop here?” After a minute or so, I found a reply to my mindless query. The crowd consisted of none, but of the store staff and a mere 3 customers. The store staff were shouting like little in-disciplined children, playing loud tacky Hindi music and talking loudly, and behaving as if they’re talking a stroll down Juhu Chowpatty on a Saturday evening! The staff consists of individuals in their early 20’s; so the “in-discipline” aspect; is but evident. When I visited the store, there were nearly 8 Male staff workers along with 2 Female staff workers. All the store workers have a weird dress code, which comprises of blue/black jeans and a bright red t-shirt with the logo of their brand. The moment I entered the shop, I thought I would be greeted and spoken nice words to, something like “Nice to see you again Sir” or “What would you like to buy Sir”; but the scenario today was totally different, since, I found that none of the staffers approached me or even bothered to spare a look, as to what I was doing inside their store. It seemed, as though, for all they cared, I could run away with any mobile that I wanted and they wouldn’t care less. However, perhaps they must have forgotten that those phones, which were on display, would be of no use to me, or for that matter to anyone since, they were “dummies” and not original phones. Seeing this queer welcoming I quickly looked here and there to figure out, which one of the staffers were free. I saw one listening to music(maybe Lady Gaga), another reading Mid-Day with Pamela Anderson’s Nude PETA Ad in it(he started lip-smacking, salivating), a third talking about his ex-girlfriend and great sex, and a fourth discussing football. Seeing all the males pre-occupied, I turned my attention to the females( not “ladies”, since, it is a term used for classy women) however, I found them too pretty busy. Since, one was surfing the net(googling someone) and the other one checking-out her nails and wondering which colour would suit her best! I was completely disgusted at this response & the attitude of these people, who are supposedly working and on-duty, for which they are being PAID; now what a big waste of money is that!

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