Marketing Strategies That Deceive You

Describes the marketing strategies and ploys that mislead you and often cost you money.

You may have seen the hit film Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know I did-it’s a cute and  easy to relate to film. Sometimes I go to the store for one thing but before I know it I’m swept up in this fanatical “I have to have this” mode.I end up spending all of my hard earned money on tons of things that I didn’t need or particularly wanted but it all just looked so good, I couldn’t help myself. There is a reason for this, it’s marketing strategy.

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Marketers spend years learning what appeals to the consumer’s eye. Many commercials feature products that compare themselves to other brands(in which they say the actual name)but what they fail to mention is that they also are the distributors of that other brand. And after sales go down on the “better brand” after a few months, the other one gets a come back. And lets not forget that microscopic writing that appears for two seconds at the bottom of the screen while a commercial is playing.In school I had to analyze an article from The Onion that was a satirical piece on marketing strategies. The article was entitled Revolutionary New Insoles Combine 5 Forms of Pseudoscience.This was an interesting article that really got me thinking about the marketing industry.It reflects the medical jargon that is used in commercials that we often can’t understand, however, it sure does make the product seem like a work of genius from a “credible”and “qualified” source. While the article is fictional it really made some great points. We often do not have time to think while viewing these ads;instead our minds are focusing on all of the great features in this product. They often show physicians in their white coats describing the wonders of the product(who are of course paid actors). Along with cellophane- like statements by the actors such as, ” I broke my toe while wearing heels a few months ago but after wearing Dr. Boles heel inserts for 8 weeks my toe healed.It was like magic!” Okay, well we know that it is possible that a toe would heal in 8 weeks with or without the heel inserts and anyway how many credible people do you know who would wear heels with a broken toe? One of the oldest marketing ads we have come to know about is tobacco. Tobacco was glorified for decades by the beautiful women with their mystic, smoking that cigarette and of course that handsome, masculine Marlboro man. Oh and lets not forget those lovable camels that endorsed cigarettes. Who wouldn’t want to buy a cigarette from a camel-hmmm. Of course years later there was the infamous lawsuit brought against the Marlboro company by the Marlboro man from the lung cancer he got due to endorsing all of those “glamorous” cigarettes.

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