Jungle Jim’s International Market: The Biggest and Best Grocery Store

Talks about the world’s largest grocery store.

In the little town of Fairfield Ohio lies the largest Grocery Store in the US. Located just 15 miles from Cincinnati Jungle Jims International Market is the largest grocery store in the country making it a literal supermarket Jungle Jims offers over 150,000 items for in over 300,000 square feet or more then three times as large as a regular grocery store.

Jungle Jims International Market has food from over 80 countries. It is hard not to find something that you will want to eat. The Cheese section alone has over 1,400 chesses from over 80 countries. The produce section has over 500 food options or more then four times the size of normal grocery stores produce section.

The international food section is its own U.N. Every ethnic food you can think of from every ethnicity is included, from Mexican, Armenian, Greek, and everything else under the sun.

One of the popular aisles is the hot sauce isle with over 1,400 varieties. The most expensive hot sauce in the aisle is $2,000 for a bottle. The aisle also has “adult” hot sauces, you can take a guess at what that might mean. A fun part of the hot sauce aisle is the real fire truck that sits atop the aisle, though the engine and various parts have been removed so it doesn’t actually run.

Besides food the store offers and event center, a cooking school, bank, and a theater. Though the theater just shows a movie about Jungle Jim and his rise from roadside vendor to owning the largest supermarket in the country but if you are there its worth watching.

The fire engine is not the only interesting decoration in the store. The whole store features crazy decorations that you wont find in your regular supermarket from a working mill with working paddlewheel, to audio animatronics of all your favorite cereal characters, and many audio animatronics from foods you might never have heard of. The British food section has a Robin Hood theme, the Indian food has Indian vehicles and woodcarvings, the Mexican food has an audio animatronic Mexican that looks like a cross between Poncho Villa and the Frito Bandito. The seafood section has a 43-foot boat. This is just barely getting to the surface of what you will find in this amazing store with new surprises around every corner it’s the grocery store version of Willy Wonka.

Jungle Jim gets over 50,000 customers a day and over 8 million a year. Even more incredible is the number that comes every year compared to roughly 2 million who live in Cincinnati the biggest city near by.

You might want to take a tour or you could get lost. The tour will also help you learn where you can find all the stuff you want like alligator, or any of the other unique foods that are offered at Jungle Jims.

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  1. had a blast there and spent more money than i dreamed i would but felt good about it

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