Is Smartwater a Smart Decision?

It promises a difference you can taste, but does SmartWater really differ from what you can get right out of your refrigerator? I took the test and found out.

I love water.  Sometimes I get questionable looks when I tell people it’s my favorite drink, and they quite often come back with “It has no taste!” but I don’t care.  It’s cold, it’s refreshing, and it’s calorie-free (which is always a plus).

Recently, I decided to pick up a bottle of SmartWater while I was out; the size of the bottle first caught my attention, and I thought I remembered Jennifer Aniston toting it around (although I don’t usually base my purchases on celebrity endorsements).  While reading the bottle I noticed that it said consumers would taste the difference, which confused me a little bit because to me, water is water is water.  I decided to do a little experiment and find out for myself.  I’m not a scientist by any means, so I use the word “experiment” very lightly.  It’s more of a taste test, I suppose.

I filled two cups with water; one from my bottle of SmartWater and the other from my refrigerator.  I labeled two pieces of paper and stuck them underneath the cups, and put them in the refrigerator for an hour or so, so that they would reach the same temperature.  During this time, various family members rummaged through the fridge and moved my cups around in the process, so when it was time for the taste test I truly had no idea what was in either cup.

I took a sip from each, and to be honest I didn’t immediately notice a difference.  However, after a few more sips from each cup I started to realize that the cup to my right just tasted… smoother?  There was just something about it that tasted better to me.  I assumed that one was the SmartWater, flipped both papers over, and was right.  So, in my opinion at least, there actually was a difference I could taste.  Here’s why:

SmartWater is vapor distilled.  This very simply and basically means that excess material (molecules, particulates, etc.) is filtered out, leaving you with as pure water as possible.  SmartWater is also good because it contains electrolytes, which can be found in Gatorade and other sports drinks. 

Bottom line:  I believe that there is a slight difference between SmartWater and regular filtered water.  If you love water as much as I do, it may be worth it to give it a try.  I’ve seen it sell for as little as $1.00, so you can’t go wrong. 

Again, this is purely my opinion.

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  1. I don’t think I saw it on the shelves around here but I should give it a try. We don’t drink out of the taps anyway so we pay for water one way or the other. Thanks for your test:)

  2. I really had been wandering what the difference would be with the standard water and smart water. Strangely enough now I have actually started see caffeinated water becoming popular lately.

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