How to Properly Clean Your Curtains

Do you know how to properly clean your curtains? If not, read this article and find out:

A lot of people pay special attention to curtains. They spend a lot of time choosing them and a lot of money on buying them. But do you take proper care of them after hanging them? How often do you clean them? Do you know how to properly clean and protect them? They tend to collect a lot of dust from the air. Here are some tips how to properly clean your curtains:

Every time you vacuum the room, cleaners Frankston suggest you clean your curtains as well. It is not hard at all. Simply put on the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and vacuum down your heavyweight curtains. If you have light delicate curtains, simply shake them, so that all the dust falls down from them and then vacuum the floor around them. This way you will not harm the delicate curtains.

For a deep cleaning, you need to wash your curtains. Begin by removing all the hardware from your curtains. After that check their label for any washing instructions. If you have any doubts about laundering, first try a solution of water and the laundry detergent you are using over a small, inconspicuous area. If it is safe to use this solution, cleaners Cranbourne say you can launder them in the washing machine on a low setting. It is best to wash them in a cool or warm water, not in hot one. Use a small amount of laundry detergent. You might also use a fabric softener, this way when you hang them back on, they will freshen the room.

When you are ready with the washing, it is best to air dry your curtains, if that is not possible, you can put them in the drier, but make sure it is on a low setting. Take the curtains out of the dryer just before they are completely dry. This way you will prevent deep wrinkles. After that just iron them and hang them back on.

If you haven’t washed your curtains for a long time, make sure you take them down really carefully, because the sunlight weakens the fibres and they can tear in your hands. An other way to safely launder your curtains, according to cleaners Brunswick, is to put them in a pillowcase. But make sure it is white or you might colour your curtains.

I really hope you find these tips useful and you manage to take good care of your curtains.

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