How to Install Java Games Onto Motorola V3 Phones

Please have your phone ready, including a cable. You will need internet connection as well.

This guide will take you though the steps need to install java games onto your Motorola V3 mobile phone. Please have your phone ready, including a cable. You will need internet connection as well.

Ok, firstly, you need Windows to recognise your phone. You can download drivers here if you haven’t got them. Make sure all the drivers are in one folder. Now you plug your phone in. Windows will say “New Hardware Found.” When it searches for drivers to install, remember to select the folder which you saved the drivers in.

Now the drivers are installed, you will need Midway. Midway is a program which connects to your phone and allows you to install games. You can download it here. Don’t open Midway yet. You will also need JADmaker, a program which converts JAR files to JAD files. Most games come in JAR files when downloaded so you need to convert them to JAD file or they won’t work. You can download JADmaker here.

You will need to find some games now. Here are several sites you may want to go to.






When you have the game, get the JAR file and just drag it into the window of the JADmaker. A new icon should appear, it has the same name as the game and the file extension should be ending in .jad.

You now need to enable Java applet loader. Download P2K tools here. Run P2K tools and plug your phone in. Click refresh and then go to “Other Features” on the left hand side. Go to the bottom of the window and click “Get.” Now click Java in a column near the left. Check “Java Applet Loader” or something similar. Click “Set” next to “Get” at the bottom. Nothing may have happened but you have enabled Java Applet Loader.

Now you will need to know which port your Phone is plugged into. Go to Device Manager (Start>Run> type devmgmt.msc). Go to “Modems.” Double click Motorola USB Modem. Click the “Advanced” tab and then click “Advanced Port Settings.” There should be a drop down menu with COM# written there. Remember the number beside COM#. Open Midway and go to settings. Find the spot where it says COM# and put in the COM# that you remembered before. Click OK. Close all windows.

If your phone is still plugged in, unplug it. On your phone, go to Java settings and select Java Applet Loader. It will say insert cable so insert the cable into your computer. Now open Midway. Click open JAD. Once the JAD file is opened, click download. Your phone should say Download or cancel. Select Download. Wait for it to complete and you have finished. You can now install games onto your Motorola V3 Phone.

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  1. Your so cool man
    now i can show off to my friends the games i have on my phone
    man i owe you for everything

  2. Thanks, really appreciate the in-depth guide and direct links.

  3. thanks so much for this tutorial, it has helped me much.

  4. Mine doesnt even have a modems selection spot what do i do??!??

  5. john,

    when you looked for the modem selection spot, was your phone plugged in? and did you have all the drivers installed? also, do you have an internet modem? if yes, you should have a modem selection.

  6. Please help me when I try to send the game to my phone the download doesn’t pop up and it says in midway that the download canceled [TIMER EXPIRED].

  7. Carlos,

    Go to settings in Midway and make sure that the COM port number is the same as the port your phone is plugged in. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone and computer and try again. Also, make sure the phone is plugged in properly. If the connection wire is not in the phone or the computer properly, it may cause the problem. Hope it helps.

  8. hi
    i can;t find midway could you help me with that

  9. G’Day,
    Do you know how to put quick notes onto a Motorola K1
    Thanks Mate

  10. mine says the same thing. And when I open p2k tools windows tries to install ‘motorola accessory’ and ‘motorola test command’ and something else. I’ve tried to uninstall the phone and reinstall the drivers and it keeps doing the same thing, “status: disconnected” I’m running XP SP2. any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. lamper,

    Sorry I don’t know how to put notes on a Motorola K1

    Tyn and slip,

    When it says ‘Status Disconnected’ make sure the phone is plugged in properly. Make sure the drivers are installed properly too. When you plug your phone is does it make the noise it usually does when you plug in hardware? You know that usual beep noise. Don’t forget to enable Java Applet Loader. You may have to restart the program manually before it works. Tyn, when you were downloading the JAD, did you configure the ports with MIDway? Don’t forget you need to select Java App Loader on you phone before you plug it in and load games. Hope I have been of help.

  12. my v3 has not got java app loader in java
    when i click other features file not found pops up
    i saved all the drivers pluged phone in no new drivers found
    p2k tools conects ok

  13. things mus be bad comenting on ya-self
    ya gettin it rong or wa

  14. mmick

    You have to go to Java Settings on the phone to find Java App loader. It can be found in Settings. You have to make sure the phone is plugged in properly when you click Other Features in P2k. It wont work if not all the drivers are installed. When you plug in your phone, a message should come up saying it found a new hardware and is searching for new drivers. Make sure you guide it to the folder you saved the drivers.

  15. I have a problem – in my device manager, my phone isn’t under modems, it’s under a whole seperate section called “Motorola USB device” and there are no advanced settings anywhere that I can see in there.

    Any ideas?

  16. i have done upto p2k software and com setting in Midway s/w. But im my v3 phone there is option like java applet loder under java setting so how can i start this…Please help me..any help appreciated..thanx

  17. Coolyxxx. Thanks for the instructions. Everything works fine until I am asked by the RAZR V3 to “Download” or “Cancel” the JAR file. It was a JAD file when I opened it with Midway. The download always fails. I tried it with 2 different JAD files. Any ideas? Thanks

  18. Cassie,
    If it’s under Motorola USB Device, you should still be able to access it. Double click it and you should find the Advanced tab at the top.

    Just press the Select button and it will start. You have to plug the phone in before it will work.

    Try restarting Midway and your phone. If it still doesn’t work, restart your computer. That’s all I’ve got. Hope it helps.

  19. Sweet, this totally worked to get my stuff installed, however, how do you uninstall the stuff after?

  20. Boo,
    You can just go to Games and Apps on your phone, press the options key (the middle key in the first row of keys), and select delete.

  21. I can’t seem to enable or install the Java Applet Loader. I’m using P2kCommander,Midway 2.8, and my phone is recognized (I hear the beeps when connected). Any possible suggestions as to what to try?

  22. Peter,
    Just follow the instructions in P2K Tools. I don’t know how to enable Java Applet Loader with P2kCommander, sorry. On your phone, just select the Java Applet Loader. It will say insert cable now, so you plug it into the computer.

  23. hey man the link for drivers not working pl help

  24. thank you so much

  25. hey cool thanks for all your help so far by forums and other stuff.
    Its seem to do everything fine now that I downloaded the newest version of pk2 except the final download. it works fine until it ask if i am sure I want to download then it starts, stays at 0 percent for about 5 secs then cancels download. I think the port is
    right because midway want open until its plugged in. I downloaded some jad files without doing the jar coversion is that o.k. every thing seems fine besides it not transferring? pls help thanks.

  26. jay,
    I think you need to download the JAR file and convert it. I’ve tried downloading JAD files but they don’t seem to work. Hope it helps.

  27. thanks for the site. how do you get your phone to be detected by the pc manually?

  28. b,
    If you install the drivers properly it should detect your phone. Then you will be able to use P2KTools and Midway.

  29. hey gr8 site. where do u go from the midway link because it doesn’t have midway there?

  30. must,
    When you follow the link, click on Modding Software. Scroll down a bit and you will find Motorola Midway.

  31. likin everything ere. i ve gt the jar file on my phone how do i convert it into a jad file

  32. kieran,
    If the file is on your phone, you shouldn’t have to do anything. The game should run if you installed it properly. Some games don’t work on the V3 though.

  33. how many drives should be installed for windows to say ‘new hardware found’?

  34. b,
    Just install all the drivers. From the website with the drivers, download it and unrar. Then click on the .msi file and let it install. Windows should say ‘New Hardware Found’ when you plug your phone in.

  35. i didn’t put the game on rthru my pc i downloaded it frm the link from where the games from the phone?

  36. kieran,
    So you mean you sent the game to your phone from the internet and want it on your computer? If that’s the case, I’m sorry but I don’t know how to get it from your phone to the computer. Correct me if I misunderstood.

  37. i want to get it work because they are in jad format but i sez apllication error when i open it

  38. kieran,
    So you put the game on your phone with Midway? If it says application error, then it means the game won’t work on your phone.

  39. yo kev its richard nice guide wish i was making as much money as you nice ad. dont block my comment :D

  40. Thanks.

  41. hi! ive followed the instructions on how to install java games on my v3 and yes, i got them working.after installing skins on my v3, it shoes “application error”, everytime i access my games. ive deleted them and reinstalled the games using midlet, but still, same message occurs.need help!thanks

  42. yen,
    How did you install your skins? With what program?

  43. Hey coolyxxx, I have a RAZR v3 and i have all the drivers installed but when i go to set up the java app loader, my p2k tools stops responding. In your tutorial when you say to click the ” Get ” button it dosent do anything but freeze up, any suggestions?

  44. Terry,

    When you click refresh, does P2KTools load files from your phone? If it does, you have to wait for it to finish. If not, you need to make sure your phone is plugged in properly. Also at the bottom of P2KTools, there should be something that says connected or disconnected. There will also be a light that is red or green, red for disconnected, green for connected. That is a way to know if you have plugged in your phone properly. If your phone is recognised as plugged in, and still freezes, you might have to try deleting the drivers and reinstalling, or you could try and download P2KTools again.

  45. Thank You!!!!! nOw i can enjoy playing…..This is the greatest!!!! your such a good person…thank you….

  46. hello! ive installed my skins using p2ktools. the skins were great and im already using it in my phone. what i really want to have are the games for my phone. ive installed it the way i was instructed by the forums that i\’ve joined.but after successfully downloaded the game, still, i get an \”application error\” everytime i run these games. what should i do. need help! thanks

  47. yen,

    What games where they? Some games won’t work on the V3 because the Java versions are high enough. There isn’t a way to upgrade them. Did the games work before you installed skins? Give me a list of some of the games and I’ll try them.

  48. hi! the games (i.e. zuma, hangman, etc.)were running before i installed the skins. after i have installed the skins,any game won’t run anymore. need help. tnx!

  49. yen,

    How much free space have you got? Freeing up a little won’t hurt if it is a bit full. Did you change anything else when installing the skins? You could try reinstalling the skin and the games again, but I can’t guarantee it will work. That’s all I know. Hope you can sort out your problem.

  50. on my phone there isn’t java applet loader :( what should i do?
    please help

  51. zicka,

    Are you sure? Is your phone a V3? Because V3 phones should have the Java Applet Loader in Settings.

  52. what a fool am i. the phone just charging when i try to do this.

  53. Yea, you shouldn’t really be doing this on low battery.

  54. i got a lot of free space on my phone because i’ve deleted some files. what i remembered is that i’ve downloaded and installed a skin that made my phone in black design. i deleted said skin because it doesn’t look good on my phone. afterwards, my phone started this m”alfunction thing” about the games. can i reboot or reformat my phone? thanks

  55. yen,

    What do you mean by ‘malfunction’? You could try taking out the battery and putting it back in for something similar to rebooting. There is a way to ‘reformat’ the phone, but it is very complicated. If you want to know, ask, and I’ll try telling you.

  56. it started showing “application error”, though the games were successfully downloaded. and i’m sure that these games work on my phone because i’ve downloaded them earlier and it worked. only after said skin was downloaded did the “application error” message appeared.
    so, how can i reformat my phone?

  57. hi! i already have midway, p2k and jadmaker.. games are already in .jad but when i transfer them to my phone using midway, it says, “invalid app”.. can u tell me what’s wrong? thanks!

  58. eyez,

    Is it only for that game? If it is, that means there is something wrong with that game, or your phone can’t support it.

  59. thanks for this tutorial… it works..! ^_^

  60. how i install games for motorola v3 mobile

  61. rustam,
    This is a guide to do just that.

  62. I have Motorola Phone Tools already loaded on my XP PC, so when I plug my V3R in the USB port, there is no “new hardware” notification. I can already access my phone’s contents by clicking on “Removable disk F” in My Computer and I can see all the folders. I did install the drivers on my PC you recommended, but no modems show up in the device mgr even after reboot. I have located the V3 listed under “USB Mass Storage Device”, but there’s no advanced tab and com port listed. I tried every Com port available in Midway but none work. Can I send P2K manually to my phone? If so, which folder?

  63. Update… I went into my phone’s Connection settings and changed the USB settings to Data/Fax. Now when I plug the cable in, it is listed under Modems in the device mgr. It says com 3, and Midway acknowledges com 3. Now I opened P2K and refreshed and it connected. I then set the Java App Loader. I noticed that in the device mgr it changed from “modems” to “Motorola USB Device”. So Midway won’t see com 3 while P2K is open. So I closed P2k and replugged my cable and then “modems” reappears and Midway works again, but when I send the jad file it says TIMER EXPIRED… Download canceled. Why?


  64. yojohn,

    Okay, try restarting your phone and computer. I had the TIMER EXPIRED before but after restarting it worked. If it still doesn’t work, try another game, and make sure the cable is plugged in properly.

  65. i dowloaded midway and p2ktool but i dont know what todo with them they both are rar files.please help me out.

  66. i dont know how to ins tall them on my morola v3 phone

  67. Mannu,
    You use WinRAR or Winzip to open the rar file… Then you can use the program…

  68. thanks coolyxxx you helped me very much

  69. can anyone tell me how to transfer files from blackberry 8100 to pc

  70. i tried very much but mid way says timed expired i restarted my pc and my phon but it didnot work

  71. Mannu,
    I don’t know how to transfer files from Blackberry 8100. Have you tried installing a different game? Make sure the cable is plugged in securely as well.

  72. i tried many games and also the cable is securely pluged but even it is giving error

  73. on my phone there isn’t java applet loader and my phone is not on charging:( what should i do?
    please help

  74. All works fine but no luck finding any games for razr v2xx. Anyone have any idea where to find them at full screen?

  75. razr v3xx…… bad

  76. snowman,
    I don’t know. I’m guessing you should try a few from each website. Have you tried any games on the V3xx which are meant to be for V3? Do they work?

  77. yes but the screen is in the top left only about 1/3 size

  78. snowman,
    You could try here:
    I’m not sure V3x could be the same as V3xx but I couldn’t find any games specifically for the V3xx.

  79. Mannu,
    If your phone is not charging, there is either something wrong with your phone or your charger. Try to bring it back to the shop and see what they say. If it doesn’t have Java Applet Loader, then there is a problem.

  80. ok thanks i found some here must be 240×320 and not all work

  81. Glad you found some.

  82. Yeah also need something to get rid of all the JUNK java app’s tried p2k tools almost all knone but nothing. im running vista ultimateany idea on what might work for that.

  83. What do you mean? There are a lot of junk files on your computer? You could try CCleaner.

  84. no in my razr v3xx

  85. So there are lots of junk files on your phone? Do you know which files they are? If you do, open P2KTools, load the files, find them and delete them. Make sure they aren’t needed, otherwise your phone will not work. If you don’t know what files are junk or not, you could go here:
    It tells you how to delete all the default sounds and pictures on your phone. It is for V3, but it should work for V3xx.

  86. im running vista ultimate no p2k tools work

  87. ok i got it to work useing MotoSupertrubka thank for your help

  88. Glad you fixed you problem.

  89. my email is
    i cant download the program”MIDWAY” though i’ve searched every corner, pls help me

  90. jonathan,
    Click on the link given. Then click on Modding Software. The 14th item on the list should be Motorola Midway.

  91. Hi Cool.. Thanks for the guide.. I have the same problem as Terry at comment #43 above.. I have two V3 phone, Grey and Pink.. Using the grey one, when I refresh at P2K tools, it will not load the files from the phone and freeze when I click “get” at the “other features”.. Then I used the pink V3 and it load the files and I was able to get the Java App loader, and then used midway to install games.. When I used the gray V3 again. This time I restart the computer as well as the grey phone.. Again the files won’t load at P2K tools (on refresh).. the status is connected (green) and freeze at “get” in “Other features”.. Any Idea??

  92. Larry,
    How long does it freeze at the ‘Get’ in P2KTools? Because the program might have lagged out and started loading the files. When it is loading files, you cant do anything, you have to wait. Try waiting one or two minutes and see if it unfreezes.

  93. Thanks for ur reply.. I think the problem is my grey V3 is not recognize by the P2k tools even though it is connected (green).. In my Pink V3, when I refresh, it will say updating info and getting files from 0% to 100%, then there will files in the folder tree. Then I will go to “other features” and click “get”.. then “set” with no problem. However, on my grey V3, when I refresh, it will say updating info but it doesn’t do the getting files from 0% to 100% and no files show up in folder tree… then I go to “other features” click on get, the hourglass show up for the mouse pointer and I will wait for 5-10 mins and nothing happens. I cannot select the Java or any thing else, P2K tools stopped responding and i have to close the P2K tools. If I connect the pink V3 again, it will refresh and load the files with no problem. I think my two phones are two different model even though they are supposed to be V3 from the box from motorola. when the Pink one is connected, I go to device manager and modem recognize the pink one as V3r and if I connect the grey one, it seems to be V3re. In the P2K tools program, the pink one is model V3r while the grey one is —

  94. Has something ever happened to your phone, like it screwed up and you needed to bring it to warranty? If you did, that would probably cause the V3r/V3re. My phone had a problem, they fixed it, but it changed from V3 to V3r. I can still install games with the V3r, like you can, but I’m not sure about the V3re. I’ll try and look into it more and I’ll post pack if I find anything.

  95. Thanks Coolyxxx for ur suggestion.. My phones has not been serviced. I bought them direct from T-Mobile at the same time around 10/2008. I will try your suggestion..

  96. Hi Coolyxxx.. Just an update.. I was able to finally get Java App Loader to my grey V3. I used Motorola Midlets Manager instead of P2K tools. I saw it in another website. First, I connected the USB cable to the phone. Then run Motorola Midlets Manager. It then stated that my phone V3re was not supported. But I tried it anyway, click on tab “phone settings”, click on Java App Loader and then restart button. I disconnect my phone and went to java setting in the phone and there it was Java App Loader.. (I don’t remember if I have to turn my phone off and on after I disconnected the phone) After that, I just have to use the Midway to install the games.. Thanks for your help..

  97. No problem. Glad you fixed it.

  98. Where do you get Midway from?
    Plz Help

  99. Ric,
    If you read the other comments, you will see that I have said where to find it before. Click on the link given. Then click on Modding Software. The 14th item on the list should be Motorola Midway.

  100. hy,man i`ve instaled all…properly but in settings,java i cant find that java app loader…if u can help me…

  101. chiran,
    Are you sure that it is a V3? If it is, then it has been disabled. To enable it would be very tricky and risky. You need to edit a SEEM. They are files which make your phone work, and there is a SEEM where you can re-enable Java Applet Loader. If you want to know how, post back. I will tell you that you can ruin your phone doing this, it happened to me before.

  102. coolx can you help me when i download jar game it comes in rar form not in jar file please help me out

  103. malai,
    You can try changing the file extension (the .rar at the end) to .jar, If that doesn’t work, extract using Winrar or Winzip and use the .jar file inside.

  104. coolx thanks for reply .this problem of .jar file started when i had install new window ,before that i use to download .jar games and it comes as .jar but now it comes in winrar this possible that there is come file misssing that i can download .please help me .thanks

  105. malai,
    If you followed the guide there should be nothing missing. Have you tried opening the .rar file with Winrar? If you have, is there a .jar file inside?

  106. coolx i have open with .rar and there is no .jar file in it .i dont know wats wrong .thanks

  107. Try changing the file extension to .jar and using it. Open up ‘My Computer,’ then at the top click on Tools. Go to Folder Options. Click on the ‘View’ tab at the top. Scroll down a bit and you should see a box which says ‘Hide extensions for known file types.’ Untick this box if it is ticked. Go to the .rar file and rename to abc.jar (where abc is the name of the game). Then try installing with the .jar file.

  108. thanks coolx i did as you said and i was able to download as .jar .really thanks a lot

  109. No problem.

  110. i read thru all the comments here and i dont see where to find midway.john at #8 asked the same question and wasnt answered.

  111. i found apologies. bear with me as i am not among the sharpest knives in the drawer. lol.


  113. HELLOO,
    If your K610im has the same Java as the V3, then it should work. If it doesn’t I’m sorry, I don’t know how to get games on your phone.

  114. hi i have v3i motorola. how to install game

  115. arun,
    If there are Java Settings similar to the V3 on your phone then this should work.

  116. hey under modems only softv92 data fax modem comes is tht the name of the fone or the modem tht i hav

  117. trishaal,
    That should be the name of your modem, not the name of the phone. If your phone isn’t there, then recheck the connections and make sure it is plugged in properly. Also make sure you have installed the drivers.

  118. Get motomidman for easy java installs and JADmaker to convert jar to jad

  119. MotoMidMan relies on P2k drivers and Motorola drivers, there is not much difference between this method and using MotoMidMan. Sometimes you need P2kTools to enable Java as well, it doesn’t always work with MotoMidMan. JADmaker is a good program, also used here.

  120. i m ravi how to install motorola games in l7i

  121. ravi,
    I don’t know, unless it has the same options in Java. You would need l7i drivers instead of V3 as well.

  122. ok i having some issues with this, i think because my v3 is through metro pcs. could this be a problem?

  123. patrick,
    What kind of problems? It just doesn’t work? Try restarting both your phone and your computer. Make sure the drivers are installed. I don’t think metro pcs could be the problem.

  124. well it could be the fact that i have no idea what im doing, and i havent been able to really find a place with step by step instructions

  125. at this point i have extracted the jar file since it was in zip form, and thats about all ive gotten now its multiple files and not all of them want to go onto the phone

  126. So you have the .jar files, but it won’t transfer? Or you don’t know what to do next? After you have the .jar files, turn them into .jad with JADmaker. Then go and follow the rest of the instructions.

  127. ok im up to the step with the p2k tools but i dont know how to get it to recognize my phone. is there a difference between the pk2 tools and pk2 commander? also from scrolling back through messages there is no java app loader on my phone. but i do have all the drives updated for the phone the pc and the p2k. i have the midway and i was able to get the jar file converted.

  128. There is not much of a difference between P2K Tools and P2K Commander, but I find P2k Tools easier to use. Java App loader is hard to enable on your phone. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be there though… P2k Tools doesn’t recognize your phone? When you open the program, at the bottom, does it say disconnected? Make sure the phone is plugged in properly. If it still doesn’t work, try seeing if P2k commander recognizes. If it does, close it then re-open P2k Tools and see if it works.

  129. yes it says disconnected in the bottom. ok i have both p2k tools and all drivers have been installed. but neither program recognizes the phone. phone is plugged in correctly. the pc recognizes the phone. i also ran motorola phone tools to confirm it was there and it recognizes the phone.

  130. Are P2k drivers installed? P2k should have come with drivers as well. You could try putting them in the drivers folder in system32. If it still doesn’t work, I’m not sure why its not working…

  131. can u give me other sites to down load midway

  132. There is nothing wrong with the link. You just need to look for it…

  133. could there be something wrong with the p2k program because the refresh button doesnt work either

  134. Does it freeze when you press the refresh button? If so, it means it is either loading the list, or the phone isn’t connected properly. Try waiting a bit, and see what happens. You could try re-downloading the program if you think there is something wrong with it.

  135. thanks,i got everything right but my v3 now got some problem such as in multimedia i lost video,thems and sms is lost complitely,what’s happenen?can u fix that?

  136. i mean to say my features are lost like massaging,video n thems,,..wat sud i do?

  137. no it doesnt freeze it like that section is inactive. i took it off and got another version but its in spanish the button works but phone still not recognized

  138. ravee,
    There are ways, which are very complicated. It is better to bring it back to warranty, if it is still in warranty. There is something called SEEM editing, you could try googling it. I’m not very good at it, so I wouldn’t be able to guide you.

    Did you try putting the P2k drivers in system32drivers? They should be there, but if they aren’t they need to be. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be recognised. Are you sure it is a V3 and you have Motorola V3 drivers installed?

  139. the download sites are those with virus?? everytime i’ll try to download the midway, jad and device recognizer everything becomes disconnecte.

  140. The download sites don’t have viruses. What do you mean by ‘device recogniser’?

  141. Hi! I’ve managed to get everything to work, except the P2KTools part when it says Get. I do as you say, click on Get but then P2K has the (Not responding) thing and i cant do anything else.. Help please?

  142. How long did you wait? When you clicked refresh, did it load file list? Also, what does the status say at the bottom. Is it disconnected or connected? You should try and leave it for 5 minutes before trying to close it, because it might be trying to load the file list.

  143. Hey, hm i’ve tried it many times. The longest ive waited is for like 20 minutes and then it just freezes. And when i load the P2k tools i wait a minute then hit refresh but no list shows up so i just move on to other features and do the “Get” thingy. And at the bottom it says connected wit the little green circle thingy.. and thats it.. is my phone model supposed to show were it says model? because it stays with the little —-. Oh and i forgot to mention when i drag the files to the jadmaker nothing happens! thanks for your help!

  144. Ok, are you sure the drivers are installed? Because P2k is meant to show the phone model at the bottom. Try reinstalling the drivers and see if it works. As for the jadmaker, the file should be in the same place that the .jar file is in. Try a different .jad file and see if it works, sometimes the file may be corrupted.

  145. Yea im sure. Because when i switch to phone it shows model and everything else. I dont know what the problem is!?

  146. Try putting the P2k drivers in WINDOWSsystem32drivers. They usually are ok in the folder where P2k is, but sometimes it might have to be in the system drivers. If you already have the file there, don’t replace any.

  147. If you have a V3xx putting the .jar file you download into the micro sd card on your phone works if you want to install games and apps on your phone using the phones install application under games and apps.

    You don’t need any driver if you want to install java applications to phone. Just connect it as memory device mode and wait for windows to recognize it as an external drive. Then browse, mobile/kjava folder (it’s hidden system folder) (you will have to change settings under tools, folder options, view tab, uncheck hide the HIDE PROTECTED SYSTEM FILES) , copy your *.jar files into that folder. Pull off the cable and install your application from phone main menu / games&apps/ install new

  148. Yes you do need drivers, otherwise Windows won’t recognise it, or it won’t be able to access it. The V3 doesn’t have a memory card, so dragging and dropping won’t work. You can’t access the folder for games in the V3, because there is not folder containing the games. There is a kjava, but no games in it, even when you have games on your phone.

  149. My phone is a V3xx windows xp recognizes the phone and loads the drivers you need and it worked for me. The drivers should automatically load when you plug it in. This probably won’t work if you don’t have a memory card installed on your phone.

  150. This method is for those phones who don’t support .jar files. The phones with memory cards usually support .jar, so you can drag and drop the files onto your memory card.

  151. laos suks

  152. I’m almost done with the last step.. but upon downloading with the game .jad. it says “it is not a signed application, continue yes or no?” so i press yes.. and then the download failed… why is that??

  153. Try downloading the .jar file. If it still can’t download it would be a problem on your end. Either your browser is acting up, or your internet connection has problems. Try downloading from a different site as well.

  154. i have a v3 cellphone, but i have a question how can i remove the virus of my motorola v3 can you please help me

  155. How did the virus get onto the phone? If you know what file it is, try finding it with P2KTools and deleting it.

  156. For those of you who don’t see the “modem” in the devices. You have to go to the connection setting on the phone and then go to usb. You have to change it to data mode. Worked for me.

  157. wow tanks a lot man all the other tutorials i followed were either long an hard or too short an not explained gud enuff, U ROCK DUDE TANKS A LOT

  158. You’re welcome.

  159. hey.

    I cant get the computer to read that my phone is plugged in.
    When I plug the phone in, it makes the usual beep noise, but after that nothing happens.
    I then normally check ‘Motorola Phone Tools’ and it sais that it’s connected.
    But this time it doesnt.
    Please help me, I got so far and now i dont know what to do.

    Also, could it just be a fault with the connector wire or the phone socket??

  160. It could be a fault with the wire or socket, but your first try should be to reinstall the drivers. Go to Start > All Programs > Motorola Driver Installer > Motorola Driver Installer.exe. It should be there, it gets installed when you install Motorola Phone Tools. Wait for it to load, then check the box which says “Clean and Reinstall”, and press start.
    If that doesn’t fix the problem, try creating a new profile in Motorola Phone Tools, so it can try to reconnect to your phone. Hope it helps.

  161. When I go to

    Start – All Programs – Motorola Phone Tools

    There isn’t anything called ‘Motorola Driver Installer’

    There’s only 3 things: ‘Motorola Phone Tools’, ‘Motorola Live Update’ and ‘User Guide’.

    Also, when you plug your phone into the computer, how can you be sure that the phone is being read by the computer? Normally on my phone it sais ‘Charging’, and now when i plug it in it sais ‘Charging’ but only for about 4 – 10 seconds.

    thanks heaps…

  162. Your phone may have a bad connection then. If you haven’t tried changing cables, try it now. Try different USB ports, if you haven’t already. The Driver installer is not in Motorola Phone tools.
    Start – All Programs – Motorola Driver Installer.
    Does charging normally from a wall socket work? If not, it could be a problem with your phone’s connection.

  163. thanks man!. .i just found out the solution. . I need the .jar and converted .jad file first inorder to install to my phone..

  164. Yes, that was included in the instructions.

  165. man;i’ve tried it it worked perfect(i have a v3) you are a genius

  166. Thank you.

  167. I HAVE A PROBLEM AND I NEED A HELP i have motorola razzor v3 i have connection whit my phone when i connect phone whit my comp it say beb new hardwear… i can se my phone and its all ok . nex step i download java converter java to jad file all wokks fine, bat next step i download Mid way i opend it select jad file click send jad file bat then sey to me this

    Opening JAD file………….[OK]
    Connecting the phone………[TIMER EXPIRED]
    Downloading canceled.

    WHAT to do i read old post and i fount this

    Go to settings in Midway and make sure that the COM port number is the same as the port your phone is plugged in. i have it on port 1 i try to restart my comp bat nothing better
    ANY idea plz help AND SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
    LP. Jasa

  168. Make sure that you have selected Java Applet Loader on your phone, otherwise it will not work. Try restarting your phone as well. Once again, make sure that the COM port for your phone is same in Midway. To check the COM port number for your phone, go to Device Manager (Start>Run> type devmgmt.msc). Go to “Modems.” Double click Motorola USB Modem. Click the “Advanced” tab and then click “Advanced Port Settings.” There should be a drop down menu with a COM# written there. That is the COM number of your phone. Make sure it is the same one in Midway.

    If that doesn’t work, try a different game.
    Good Luck.

  169. This worked great. Thanks much!

  170. There is an easier way. I have a Motorola V360 with a microSD card. This shows up as a removable drive on my PC when I plug in the USB cable.
    I copied the JAR and JAD files for the game to the
    \\mobile\\kjava folder
    on the phone\’s SD card. Then I went to games and pointed it at the [Memory Card], then selected [Install New]. This displayed the JAR and JAD files. Select ONE of them and the game will install. Alternatively you can just copy the JAR file across and install that. As I said, this worked for me, but your phone may work differently.

  171. The V3 doesn’t have a memory card slot, and the phone does not show up as a removable drive on the computer.

  172. hey can you please tell me how to reformat may motorola V3c phone?

  173. I can give you a link to how, but you need to find the flash or flex files for your own phone.

  174. i cant seem to be able to download p2k tools and the other required downloads. can you give me direct download links?

  175. I got all the way up to Open JAD file on Midway. Now what, do i hit send JAD cause when i do it says connecting phone and then failed. Download canceled. Im so close, Help!

  176. Restart your phone and computer, and make sure the COM port in Midway is the same as the one your phone is using.

  177. i have the same problem as matt..i have doen all things u have described but whnever i click the download option it says download failed..plzz help me

  178. Try another USB port, and make sure to change the COM port number.

  179. Hey I’m able to get the games on. The last problem im having is getting them to work. Every game ive tried has ended with application error. Which games can i put on that will actually play? or what am i doing wrong now? I have razr v3. Thanks.

  180. ok now hear this. i just dragged my jar files onto jadmaker and nothing happened? whats going on with that too? help please.

  181. Only some games will work on the V3, because the V3 is old and can’t support many new games.
    Try redownloading the jar file and jadmaker, because the jar files could have been corrupted in the download.

  182. I reinstalled jadmaker from the link provided and tried a simple game from one of the above links. when i tried changing it, it still did nothing. I right clicked and tried the make JAD option and some Microsoft .NET error window popped up. What can i do to fix this? It was working once before cause i put games on. Now i don’t know what happened? Also, can you recommend a site that has games that will work on the V3? Not sure what the java version on my phone is. Thanks.

  183. The error with jadmaker is probably on your end, you should try reinstalling Microsoft .Net Framework and see if it fixes the problem. Scan your computer for viruses as well.

    As for games, the second link for games listed should all work on the V3.

  184. hi when i try to connect my motorola V3r to my pc, \”New Hardware Found\” did not appear and when i Go to \”Device Manager\” , i cant find \”modem\” but a motorola phone(L7) in \”other devices\”,,,
    i already downloaded P2k..

    plz help phone is motorola V3r and i want to put .jad games on it….

    thanks ^_^

  185. Did you install the drivers for Windows? Or have you already installed them? Try right clicking on the Motorola Phone (L7) and clicking “Update Driver Software.”

  186. i only extract it in my desktop…i don’t know how to install it… When i click “Update Driver Software”, the hardware was not installed..

  187. i already install motorola driver installer 3.9.0

  188. KevinK

    help me if you have time….my PC already recognise my V3r..



  189. If your computer already recognises your V3r, then what other problem are you having now?

  190. plz help me i already installed all the software needed my only problem is when i open jad maker “JADMAker.exe-appication error…
    and i can find a java applet loader in my phone,,where can i find this java applet loader????icant also find this in my phone….

  191. I don’t know why you have a problem with JADMaker. Try redownloading the file. Java Applet Loader is In Settings – Java Settings on your phone. If it’s not at that location or something similar I don’t think your phone is a V3 or V3r.

  192. download failed…..

  193. i try what you said but it said download failed…..

    i already have java app loader in my phone

    its Motorola V3r-05

    IMEI 352509013075597

  194. Opening JAD file………….[OK]
    Connecting the phone………[OK]
    Transmitting data blocks…..[OK]
    Completing transmission……[OK]

    Opening JAR file………….[FAILED]

    JAR downloading failed.

    this come out when i tyr to send a jad game

  195. You need to convert the .jad to a .jar file. Also try using a different game, some games don’t work with the V3r.

  196. the JADmaker still application error.. Do you have other suggestions for converting Jad games?

    i try 3 different games still didnt work…i download .jad games not a ,jar games,,,,

  197. Try re-downloading JADmaker from here:

    Download games as .jar and convert them to .jad, don’t just download .jad.

  198. how to unzip the JADMAker???
    should i extract it?

  199. can you give me other converter i think it doesn’t work in my pc,,, tnx

    i think i am so near to the goal^_^

  200. Yes you should extract it. Use Winrar, Winzip or 7zip. I don’t think there is another converter… What operating system are you using? It should work on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

  201. hello,i hope u can help me on this,

    i been trying to install games on my phone( motorola v3). i downloaded the drivers,install p2ktools and i been following the guide.i couldnt get it to work. but heres the thing, BEFORE i open up p2ktools i notice in the device manager – under modems, it says motorola usb modem # 3 and in control panal in phone & modem options, says motorola usb modem #3-com5.

    now i disconnect my phone -start up p2ktools-connect my phone-get status connected & green light- but NO model #,i click refresh nothing happening(well i think.) in others features i click on GET that when i notice it freeszes up.

    but what i notice when i go back into device manager theres no more motorola usb modem # 3 & phone and modem options it says motorola usb modem # 3- not present.

    hope you can help,thx

  202. After you click refresh, wait up to 5 minutes. Refreshing is supposed to bring up a list of files on your phone, and it might take some time. If the light in P2k tools is green, it means it should be loading the file list.

  203. after 2weeks of disaster,,,,

    im using windowsXP….

    still the JadMAker does’t work…

  204. Did you try downloading it from here:

    Extract all the contents to a folder on it’s own, and run everything from there. If you’re running XP it should be fine, if its Vista or 7, you should right click and run as administrator. And make sure your file is .jar and not. jad.
    I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work on your computer.

  205. for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
    - requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher version runtime installed (22 MB)

    do i need this???

  206. thank you …you are gods!!! respect…

  207. Raphael
    Yes you need .net Framework 2.0 or higher, although I don’t know why your computer doesn’t have it. It should install itself with Windows updates.

  208. ok thanks KevinK… helps maybe….

  209. kevink,
    can i recharge my V3r in pc using P2k?? how to do that??

  210. If you plug your phone in normally, it should start recharging itself.

  211. how can i know that my laptop already have .NET Framework??

  212. Go here to check what version of .NET Framework you have.

  213. thank you kevinK….

  214. WOW!!..

    thank you so much for this post. it’s so cool!.. i love it. now i can get to love my motorola v3i more..

    thanks again!


  215. sorry about this but i have a problem. I have followed everything and the game works but i later realized that my personal settings and internet has gone (including the internet button which doesn’t work).


  216. Your personal settings can’t be put back unless you made a backup before. None of this should reset personal settings, let alone disable the internet. There may be ways to re-enable internet, but it voids warranty and it can go wrong and screw more things up.

  217. well or you could just put the USB Cable into the PC and connect it with your phone, go to mobile\kjava and paste all your games


  219. ok…after i check java app or smth like that i should click set.ok…but after i click set nothing happens…it says p2k tools(not responding)…what should i do…should i ignore that?

  220. ok…..i tried to ignore that …i continued but when i open java settings …i cant see java app loader…..what should i do….please respond (remember i have Motorola V3i RAZR,@ GB sd card , Win XP)

  221. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! <3 saviour! xoxoxox

  222. is this post still alive? well i did everything but when i open midway and hit download it says

    Opening JAD file………….[OK]
    Connecting the phone………[TIMER EXPIRED]

    Downloading canceled.

    please help reply at


  223. When im sending to games to my phone after like 1 minute or so
    it says download canceled then in midway it says expired

    Opening JAD file………….[OK]
    Connecting the phone………[OK]
    Transmitting data blocks…..[OK]
    Completing transmission……[OK]

    Opening JAR file………….[OK]
    Connecting the phone………[OK]
    Transmitting data blocks…..[00194] [TIMER EXPIRED]

    Downloading canceled.

    Can you help?

    I have everything installed drivers/software .NET

  224. does this work for v3xx

  225. ahmm i lost my driver for my motorola razr v3 can you gave me?

  226. Yeeeaaahhh! i got it.
    coool man, thanks

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