How to Get Birch Run Coupon Books

Right now there is only one way you can get Birch Run coupon books.

Have you taken a look at the list of stores in Birch Run Outlet Mall?  If you have, you would discover that most of the outlets are very expensive.  This is why you may want to consider getting Birch Run coupon books.  Through them, you can save money every time you go shopping.

So, how do you get Birch Run coupon books?  You have to visit Birch Run Mall in person.  The coupon books are sold by Guest Services, (which can be found in the Food Court section).  You will also have to pay $7 for each book.  In return, you will get coupons for a variety of outlets.  Added up, these coupons will help you save hundreds of dollars.

What about using the Internet to buy Birch Run coupon books?  Well, currently they are not available online.  However, does offer other methods of savings.  For instance, if you click on the Directory section, you will get a complete list of the stores in Birch Run Outlet mall.  From there, click on one of the outlets.  If a special is being offered, it will be listed on the website.

The Prime My Closet program is another way you can find special deals.  No cards are needed, as everything is done through the Internet.  When coupons or specials become available, you are notified through your email or cell phone.  This is a great complement to Birch Run coupon books, at least if you want to save the most money possible.

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