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Apple has just launch “iPhone 5″ and then “iOS 6″ …will you get it soon, think first, or….? what type of consumers are you?

Apple is increasingly showing its fangs with the launch of ‘iOS 6′, which was released yesterday, 19 September 2012. Although this famous hi-tech producer has just launched ‘iPhone 5′, new series of smart phones last week, but it never stop them to keep inovating and producing any kind of hi-tech product. 

Apparently, the competition among producers of hi-tech products increasingly stringent. Nonetheless, it seems the producers are not too worried about whether the product will be sold in the market or not. The main problem is, how much demand is going to happen. And that is not absolutely because of the sophistication of the product, but also depends on the skill in marketing strategies. Why is that? Because consumers actually could classified in several types. 

Here is an example of the types of consumers gadgets based on observations in gadget market:

1. Consumers Fashion.

Like clothes and shoes, they buy gadgets based on the outward appearance, the influence of advertising and market trend. They are the type of consumer who easily persuaded. However sometimes you find they have sophisticated gadgets but do not maximize the use of existing features. The more severe, some of them still use their gadgets with old-fashioned way, just for the phone and exchanging text messages or sometimes listening music.

2. Conservative Consumers.

This consumer is the most difficult consumer to persuaded by ads. If they have already like or familiar with certain brand and certain type of gadget, then they do not care about trends or innovation. They will be forced to buy another gadget types and another brands only if their favorite gadgets can’t found in market while their condition force them to buy a new gadget.

3. Smart Consumers.

They use gadgets to fit their needs. If they feel they need gadgets to store more data than to take pictures, then they will prefer gadget with huge memory capacity regardless of the quality of the camera on a gadget or even they do not want any camera in the gadget. Consumers of this type also sometimes difficult to switch to different types of gadgets if they still satisfied with their gadgets.

4. Up to Date Consumers.

This type of consumers can be regarded as a combination of fashion consumers and smart consumers. They follow the trend of gadget but not too easy to buy. Usually they will try to recognize and read many reviews of some gadget first before deciding which type they would buy in the current trend.
So, which consumers are you?

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