Five Things You Should Never Leave Home Without

This is my personal list of the five things I never leave home without.

Most women will agree when I say it is a pain in the rear to have to continuously change purses for the sake of fashion.  Still, we always find that there was something in that other bag that we needed and just plum forgot or our black hole abysses somehow swallowed our favorite lipgloss or travel size dental floss.  Here is my list of must-haves before I step foot out of my front door.  This list is not just for women:

  1. Grocery Store Customer Cards

     I honestly can’t believe how much money you truly save with these cards.  Every store should have them by now and they provide savings on select items in grocery stores nationwide.  It is even a good idea to get cards when you visit other states.  I was happy that I had my Food Lion card I acquired when I lived in Florida.  I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach and while staying in a condo, which housed a full kitchen, decided to go shopping instead of eating out.  The card came in handy.  I know most places will give you a card on the spot; all you have to do is fill out the short customer form.  They have even created a card for your key chain, so convenient.

  2. Camera

    I don’t think I need to tell anyone on Triond to always carry their cameras.  I need to purchase a real camera, but for now I am reduced to using my cell phone.  I have some great pictures on my cell phone I have taken while on short outings.  (Sorry, I am saving those for another article).  I love taking pictures.  As a writer it is a must.

  3. Business Cards

    I put business cards in all my jacket pockets, purses and wallets.  I’m never without them.  I hate getting caught without one and with my luck I would run into Stephen King or Oprah Winfrey.  Okay I am thinking wishfully, but you get my drift.  What a nightmare it is every time I realize I am without my business cards.

  4. Travel Size Nivea Soft Lotion

    The New York weather is brutal and lotion is a must.  I have to be very honest here, once I purchase the small round case and use the Nivea lotion up, I continue to refill the container with another kind of lotion.  It is compact; about two inches in diameter, and it lasts for a few weeks before I have to refill it again.  You can find them in your local Walgreen’s, Rite Aid or CVS.

  5. Baby Wipes

    I can’t begin to tell how many times I have been saved by baby wipes.  The brand doesn’t matter.  They all work the same.  I have no idea what ingredients go into the baby wipe, but I keep saying to myself, “This is what we use on baby’s bottoms.”  They are good for those moments when you realize while standing in the public bathroom, after waiting for an hour, and your bladder has fallen completely out that there is no toilet paper.  They are also excellent for stains.  I had a woman open a can of Coke and it exploded all over my light gray jogging suit.  I was on a plane from California to New York.  She was very apologetic to say the least.  I was cool because I had just filled my wipes case.  When I was done cleaning myself up, not only were there no signs of the Coke, but I had made a believer of my airplane buddy.

I do have a few more items that I don’t leave without, but they are small and fit into a small makeup bag.  Things like my Go Light On My Lips Lipgloss.  This cool lipgloss has a light on the top and a mirror on the tube, check it out.  Also, in this very small bag is my dental floss and medication.  I complete my list with a cool bottle of water.  Don’t leave home without them!

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  1. So true…lol.xx

  2. Definitely must-haves. Never thought about the baby wipes. I also carry a tube of hand sanitizing spray. Thanks.

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  4. great post, your share.

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