Credo vs. Verizon

Have you received E-Mails from Credo Mobile recently? Have you taken the time to read these E-Mails when they come in? How many have even heard of Credo before a couple of months ago?

I was amazed at the tactics some companies will use to introduce themselves into the market place. Credo Mobile seems to believe Americans will switch to their company solely based upon what its largest competitor donates to.

When it comes to companies they all donate to some party or other and a few will actually donate equally to both parties just to be fair about it. Donations are tax deductible for companies which is why they donate in the first place.

While Credo Mobile bashes Verizon Wireless, Verizon being a company that has been around for quite some years now; Michael Kieschnick the President of Credo Mobile fails to mention whom they donate to with their money.

Most companies have a board of directors that make those types of decisions which is why some companies actually give to two opposing parties and others decide to donate elsewhere. These, board of directors are oftentimes of different backgrounds. Although they may hold majority stock in a company, that company may be the only commonality between them.

Unless a company is donating their money to a demonic organization like some terrorist group or something; all that should matter to the common people when using something like a phone service, or any service that could mean the difference between getting a message through or not should be performance; and not who the company is donating to.

Not many people would like to be in the middle of an accident calling for assistance, or calling their office because of an important business meeting they will miss and finding out they can’t get through because maybe the company they are using doesn’t service that area or some limitation of service within the area prohibits your call from going through using that particular company.

If Credo or any other company is breaking into a field of business try to remember that performance means more to someone in need of the service then what a company donates to; unless it is something profoundly against our combined beliefs and morals such as terrorism.

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  1. On their website, there is an easy-to-find section “Who We Fund”:

  2. this is the most non-thinking piece i’ve read in a while. you did absolutely ZERO research on your subject and just shooted out a pile of crap of the top of your non-functioning brain.
    i refuse to hold the hands of idiots. you go do your own research and let me know what you find out. then rewrite this pile of steaming elephant turds!

  3. This article was done on a poorly designed E-Mail advertisement. A well rounded advertisement would also tell your potential customer or client for whom you donate to since your E-Mails are designed toward the “bashing the opposition” variety.

    I’m a very busy person and oftentimes have little to no time to seek out something; if what I have is adequate already. What most people like me who live busy lives do to poor advertisements like these is toss them out. Busy people want to know in what ways can your company serve us better as individuals. For instance how is your rates different and better then the oppositions? What do you cover that makes your company any better then your oppositions? Etc.

    I hope this helps you out for future advertisements of your company.

  4. I dunno…..funding pro-war, anti-abortion politicians is enough to lose my business, permanently.

  5. To each their own. Personally I don’t care to fund anyone that promotes the raising of taxes, issuing handouts to every drug addict and alcoholic using tax payers monies on the misguided assumption of raising their children when the money isn’t being used for the health and well being of those children. I don’t approve of allowing people an easy way out of their responsibilities either; when it comes to being a parent it takes two to create the child and BOTH should be held responsible. I simply hate all of the political games both sides play and I completely disagree with anyone that promotes promiscuous behaviors whether same or mixed genders participation. I despise all of the misleading manipulation and deception too; by all politicians. Therefore it really boils down to which company will give their clients the best possible deals because neither the Republican nor the Democrats are worth a damn.

  6. Thank you! Corporations shouldn’t be donating money to politicians in the first place and most of these “people” donate to anti-abortion, anti-labor, anti-gay, anti-regulatory, anti-environmental protection politicians. These politicians are more of a threat to this country than terrorists. I hope Americans like Ms. Coverdale wake up to the fact that our democracy is teetering on collapse. Some of us actually understand that having our elections financed by plutocrats turns our government into a very sad joke.

    The Supreme Court in the disastrous and ill-decided “Citizens United” case essentially codified the ability of Corporations to drown out the speech of all but the richest (human) person.

    Corruption enshrined

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