Couponing: Baby Deals Pt. One Just The Basics

Ways to cut the cost on essential baby items. Why pay retail prices when you can use these tips to pay next to nothing?

As any parent knows and many new parents are finding out, having a baby is expensive!

I just had my first child in January 2011 and before giving birth I wanted to make sure I had everything I could possibly need without breaking my very tight budget. After doing tons of research I was able to do exactly that.  Below are a few ways to help you prepare for your little one without breaking the bank.


                One excellent source for discounts, deals and coupons are manufactures. By going directly to the source you can receive sign up to receive coupons and manufactures checks that may not be available in your local newspaper or at retailers.

                One of the most important and expensive items is baby food! And if for whatever reason breast feeding is not in you and baby’s future then you are going to need formula. Of course you can seek out government run programs like WIC (HTTP:// to help receive free food for you and baby, but unfortunately not everyone qualifies and the quantity that you receive if you do qualify, may not be enough. So how can you get formula for next to nothing? Easy.  Begin by signing up to receive manufactures checks and coupons either through e-mail or snail mail on the manufactures web-site.

                First decide what formula you think you will most likely use and sign up for that one (or if you’re not sure, sign up for them all until you do decide). My two favorite are Similac (HTTP:// and Gerber Good Start (HTTP://  They send coupons and manufactures checks through the mail as well as free samples. You can try other formula manufactures as well; most of them will at the very least send samples for you try.

                If you already have a child that is a little older, you can still sign up for Gerber Good Start. They don’t only manufacture formula; they also sell  food for toddlers and pre-schooler’s and will send you coupons for baby food and snacks.

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