Cheese Has a Little Known Secret: Consumers Beware

Most never know that they are addicted; people figure that they just like it. It is deeply disturbing to a cheese loving consumer that there are small amounts of addictive opiates involved in one of America’s favorite foods.

According to an article in 2003, Dr. Neal Barnard authored a book about the cravings of food that many of us face. His book is titled Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings and Seven Steps to End them Naturally. He concluded that cheese is particularly addictive because it has small amounts of morphine that is produced from the cow’s liver. Additionally, other foods like sugar and chocolate are addictive to consumers.

These food supplies are so plentiful that the cravings are easily solved. Most never know that they are addicted; people figure that they just like it. It is deeply disturbing to a cheese loving consumer that there are small amounts of addictive opiates involved in one of America’s favorite foods. After all, we have cheese in most sandwiches, pastas, and snacks that are contributing reasons for obesity. Most fast food places offer plenty of cheese on their sandwiches and people do crave for the tasty meals.

Possibly, the addictive morphine that is created in the cow when digesting has led to increased weight issues. As a society, we must consider that the large quantities and availability is greater than ever in history. Therefore, it is likely to have an impact on the obesity rates for those that become addicted.

In the past, it was taught that cheese was a substitute for meat. Now, most people eat them together and they taste great. This could be too much for our bodies to consume long term. More research is truly needed because something as common as cheese could be harmful. Hopefully, more manufacturers will become aware of the hidden potential dangers in the product as well. So far, there have not been any serious complications following cheese consumption, but for how long?

Sharing this kind of information is important to those that are struggling with weight in particular. It could be that most people are addicted to eating cheese products and obesity is not the individual’s fault. Good exercise and a balanced healthy diet should offset any addiction, while cheese may still be part of the eating regimen. To view the actual article, check here. Also, typing a simple search will show other information as well.

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  1. Yea, sure…blame the cow for all the fat pigs in this country. It’s all the poor cow’s fault for producing morphine in its liver…give me a break! Blame television, laziness, lack of self-control, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity…but, please don’t blame the cow especially since a cow has retained me as her lawyer to fight this slander! Oldtownbill

  2. dairy is disgusting: pus and steroids. another mammal that is never weaned off milk.

    the western diet kills.

  3. Sceptical_Observer you hit the nail right on the head. The additives and preservatives are a great portion of this problem.

    People ought to do some research on MSG, Red dye (crushed beetles), Aspartame and genetically modified foods before they go to a grocery store.

    Parents should be more aware of what is consider “natural” and “no sugar added” or “sugar free” before allowing their children consume these products.

    Staying away from deli meats because they are loaded with MSG and nitrates (cancer causing agent).

  4. Cheese isn’t something only Americans eat and most of the cheese on things like fast food is processed and has little or sometimes no dairy.

    The “science” used to prop up this article is extremely dubious. Most people eat cheese because they like the taste, not out of an addictive craving for “morphine” that one writer says is in it. How many people are quivering for a cheese fix? This sort of absurd, alarmist theorizing sells books and helps prop up a vegan agenda, but it’s not a reflection of reality.

    In conjunction with the poorly researched and skewed presentation on milk, these sorts of articles undermine Gomestic’s credibility as a resource. Is the point of this site to spread alarmist information based on limited sources of data rather than to be actually useful? One more piece like this and I’m taking Gomestic off my list of daily reads.

  5. So I can kick my 3 nickel bags of horse by shooting some cheese. Chase the Cheddar Dragon? Gonna go out and score me some Columbian Brie right now… Oh gods the cheese rush!!!
    Hey can I smoke some cheese puffs?

  6. It’s obvious that Mr. Masan is un-aware that a cow without growth hormones, left alone and not injected to make it produce more produces milk without pus or steroids being un-metabolized. Nor does he know that the oldest people living, and all the oldest people, those who live like 50 years older than the rest of us, all have one thing in common, they drink whey usually home-made and fresh. Pasteurization kills the good stuff which makes the good stuff, whey. Man was put on this earth not only to subdue and multiply, but also to watch over and to protect the seeds, and the genes of everything, being told from the beginning, don’t let things outside of their own species mix, that means don’t screw with the dna of anything, so to blame the cow for the pus and un-metabolized is wrong, blame the Human, blame the ones who were given charge over everything, and have in turn given charge over to mansanto. The one who says pus and steroids, probably eats pork and clams and catfish and dogs and cats, so what’s the difference?

  7. ” industrially scaled adulteration is THE MAIN SOURCE OF ADDITIONAL INCOME for the scum who runs US food producing corporations.”

    That and farms are subsidezed thus they act as indirect subsidies for chemical and drug companies.

  8. Not sure what you guys actually do to beef and dairy products, but a three-week holiday in the US saw me put on nearly a stone (from 11.5 to 12.25). Thing is, I didn’t eat differently to my normal diet in the UK and, if anything, I actually ate less. Weird.

    Maybe that’s why the EU pays a $100m fine every year rather than allowing US (growth-hormone) beef imports.

  9. quelle cheesy attempt spreading at disinformation. better you spread some ripe brie on a fresh baguette. in that way your fingers will be otherwise occupied so that you won’t be able to type this kind of cheezwiz for others to read and as you are eating said brie-slathered baguette your mouth will hopefully be too full to spew this sort of sour whey on others. Peee-eeeew, what a load of Limburger

  10. J.M.K., you are critical-thinking impaired. AND you need a life.

    What nonsense. The real problems, as others have pointed out, are our farming techniques, genetic engineering, and food adulteration/pasteurization/irradiation.

    Will wonders never cease … maybe other animals make tiny amounts of “morphine” in their livers too. Maybe there are even opiates in veggies. After all, we appear to still be in the stone age of medical and nutritional research today!

  11. My goat farming relatives have lived as long as 109 years enjoying rsbt free Greek foods.
    Watch out for the invaders from the “Vegan” solar system! ha ha if they complete their agenda we will all be eating llszvx on sggsent for every meal! ha ha

  12. oooo.

    Good post.

    I love my cheese and I love my chocolate… this explains a lot.

  13. @cheezhead: Best comment ever.

    Americans don’t know what real cheese is.

  14. There’s a powerful opiate called ‘lacticarium’ in the root of domestic lettuce; given that I can only occasionally be bothered dry and smoke the stuff, I find it hard to believe that a minute amount of morphine in cheese is in any way addictive.

    MSG is addictive, as well as being a depressant and an accumulative poison.

    Finally, when I was in the US I barely recognized the crap your restaurants serve up as food; I was horrified to watch extra grease sprayed on Pizza (they don’t do that in the UK); when I ordered toast, I asked the waitress why it had mayonaise on it and she told me that the white flurp was butter. In my country, butter is yellow.

    The US is famous for its fat folk, but the UK is fast catching up; it’s fast food in general that is addictive, not cheese.

  15. Very informative article and something to really be aware of, because corporations continue to shove processed manufactured food additives down our throats like there is no tomorrow. Don’t they understand that if they continue killing off their consumer based, then they would have no one left to push their chemical laced products to?

    I once failed a drug test, because the drug test registered a positive for opium, but I never used any hard illegal drugs. Come to find out that the drug entered my system, because I regularly ate poppyseed buns and rolls on a daily basis. The poppyseed grows into the poppy plant and opium is then harvested for the head of the plant, once the head has been cut and the sap bleeds out. Other drugs are also produced from the poppy plant as well.

    Nelson Doyle

  16. Yeah Cheezehead, that was pretty smooth, only thing is that i’m not spewing cheezewhiz, just spreading info, not disinfo. Has anyone heard about the children who are going through puberty at 3,4,5 years old, actually growing breasts? This is from the crap they’re giving the food source, such as injections of aforementioned steroids. I’ll bet I eat more cheese than cheezehead hands down, but I wish I had access to better sources of cleaner cheeses, like some of these people are saying they eat from european countries

  17. A few people here have a good point , but what scares me is that if chemists can create poison gases and drugs and go through all the lab work of taking the cocaine out of cocoa plants why cant they take the morphine out of the cheese they feed us everyday ? msg in deli meats. feeding us crushed beetles ? if I get caught on the street with a empty bag of morphine with some residue , Im going to jail, right ? But they can get away with feeding it to us and not even put it in the ingrediants list!

  18. Eat real food. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds. I’ve never felt better than since when I switched to a well balanced vegan diet. I also agree with others that sugar substitutes such as splenda and sweet and low are also dangerous. Trust me, I used to eat cheese on everything. To the point where my family called me a “cheesetarian” It’s not as hard to give up once you learn the facts.

  19. Oh no!! I, too, am addicted to cheese!! I never knew! I just thought I liked it, too!! Seriously, I loooooove cheese! I could eat cheese to the exclusion of any other food. I love to get the blocks of sharp cheddar and cut slices of it off and eat it. I had no idea. Maybe I should join a support group…?

  20. If I buy cheese, milk, yogurt etc. that hasn’t been produced using various hormones/genetically modified and is organic does this article still apply?

  21. So you’re blaming cheese for obesity? That’s b.s. Look at France — they eat a good amount of brie (along with wine and lots of other tasty things) but they aren’t famous for obesity. Blame the quality of food in America (just look at fast food and how many people are eating it for the convenience) and laziness.

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