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What is a perfume?

 In simple word it is mixture of an aromatic oils and compounds that has potential to pleasing smell. But it’s not the case perfume is a luxury, it is a signature, it is a determination, it is a relation and above all it is a part of life for many.

Every year many manufacturing company try out to inspire the young lad with aromatic perfume but not every one of them become the best seller. With scent and aroma it is also important that right perfume is chosen and applied at the right time.  Every perfume has a story some is perfect for day and some for evening yet some are to make your night sensual. Whether you need to buy diesel perfume or the other get it after all you want to smell great all the day long. Woodsy or citric fragrances are best among the daytime perfume whereas in evening you can try out perfume having intense and powerful aroma. This fragrance will make you feel sophisticated and sensual,

When it comes to decorating the perfume with the adjective often words like divine, delicious woody and fruity comes in my vocabulary and believe me every word has the reason and if you really want to try out these adjectives, you should know the way to apply the perfume.

Perfumes is a very elite affair, if you are still not in practice r doubt the potential of perfume in your personality enhancement, buy cheap perfume and try it. Believe you can’t be complete without the perfume once it is in your habit.

  •           Never over wear perfume, remember lingering aroma attract people whereas overuse of perfume may give you headache.
  •            In winter season try using perfume twice whereas in summer one time would be enough.
  •           Perfume should be immediately applied after the shower. This is the time when body has the best power to soak the spray of perfume.
  •            The general rule is to apply from the bottom to top, so that your entire body smells in the way you want.
  •            After applying the perfume it is suggested not to dress immediately. Yu can opt applying Vaseline or petroleum jelly over the perfume. It will make the aroma stay longer.
  •           After dressing completely spray the perfume in the air and walk through. This will ensure that your attire assume the perfume in the right way.
  •           You can also try putting perfume on the handkerchief. It is the best way to retain the perfume for the entire day. 

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