10 Things Grocery Stores Can Do to Improve Service

Going to the store tick you off sometimes? Here’s some advice store managers need to heed to improve customer service.

Clear off that floor space

For almost seven years I worked in a grocery store, even as a low-level manager for two of those years. I’m well aware of how important floor space is. All those displays of cookies and stacks upon stacks of 12-pack sodas really do draw customers to them, and then there’s the fact many companies will offer discounts to stores for the extra space. But guess what? Stores do not do any service to their customers when the aisles are so crowded you can barely get around, and heaven forbid two customers try to make it down an aisle side by side. Displays and end racks are important, but does there have to be one every two or three feet. Heck, sometimes you can barely get to the stuff on the shelves!

Get rid of the lottery tickets

I’m talking about at the office at the front of the store. I’m sick and tired of standing there to get done whatever it is I need done while waiting for some yahoo to buy his or her $300 worth of Powerball tickets. The automatic lottery dispenser off to the side doesn’t bother because it’s not in my way. Try more of that.

Space out your office services

And speaking of the office or desk at the front of the store, that office has way too many of the services needed by customers. Have to send a telegram? Go to the office. Need to rent a rug cleaner? Go the office. Need stamps? Go to the office. Get my drift? Stores need to space out those services somehow. Maybe have more automated machines, like for stamps, for example. Or have some of those services available at the checkout lanes. Having all those services packed into one little place usually with just one person working the counter means customers have to wait and wait and wait.

Have more lanes open

This is an easy one. Hire more checkout clerks. Get those lanes open. There should never, ever be more than three customers waiting in a lane. Ever. I mean it. And I don’t want to hear your complaining about how your store can’t afford any more workers because of the recession, yaddy yaddy yaddy. I worked in the grocery business, remember? I know what kind of money those stores pull in. I can walk into any grocery, look around a bit, take into account the size of the store and the amount of supplies on the shelves and the general neighborhood, and come up with a ballpark figure for how much money that store’s pulling in every day, every week, month and year. You’re making money. But you won’t be if I have to wait in another line for longer than a few minutes.

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  1. you’ve thought about this one!!
    Lottery tickets – good one
    Thanks – revivor

  2. wow i hope the author of this never shows up where i work

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