Tangerine Tango Makes a Bold Statement

If you are not afraid of bold colors, you might fall in love with tangerine tango. It’s an orangy red that decorators are using for modern and traditional homes. It can brighten your rooms and make them feel more cheerful. You don’t want to over do it, but you can tone it down with cool colors or cozy it up with other warm colors. If you had rather start off slowly, cover pillows in tangerine tango and add a few accessories in the same color. See how you like it.

If you have been staring at the same old walls all winter you might be ready to add spice to the mix. Decorators are recommending a color called tangerine tango. It’s an orangy red that blends well with tans, golds, neutrals, browns, bronzes,blacks and grays. The color can be overwhelming if used too much, but these orangy accents can wake up a drab room fast. If you are timid about orange, try it on a few throw pillows and candlesticks. If you are really brave try it on couch covers and curtains. But don’t repeat the color too much in a small space. For a bright modern color scheme, pair orange with fuchsia, green, blue, pink, or purple, while leaving a gray or neutral background. Orange and pink sounds like an unlikely couple, but it does look well together.

Decorators have been using tangerine tango for some time in both modern and traditional settings. DwellStudio features a line of products at Target that is known for it’s use of bold color. The owner, Christiane Lemieux recently spoke on the trends of color. “Orange has always been one of the most successful colors in our line. People love our white bedding with orange accents. Orange makes people awake and happy. It’s different than red and it’s different than yellow.”

The versatility of orange can change the mood in a room according to it’s companion colors. It can make a space feel warm and cozy when paired with tans or browns. When paired with cooler colors like greens and blues it makes a room seem more spacious. Orange is perfect for children’s rooms if you’re tired of the traditions pink and blue. Maybe against a backdrop of blue in a boy’s room and pink in a girl’s. How about light blue walls for the boys room with orange bed covering, orange and white checked curtains with a dark blue carpet, and other touches of white and blue throughout the room..

For a girls room, white walls, orange curtains, orange and gold bed coverings, and tan carpet, with other touches of orange, pink and gold in accessories and art work.

A beautiful living room could be, walls painted dove gray with a couch covered in orange and two blue or green chairs. Silky curtains of orange material and a darker gray carpet on the floor. Use touches of the same colors in lamp shades, accessories and art work.

Orange can add depth and vitality to a room. Even if you don’t want to go overboard with tangerine tango, you can add touches around the room to perk it up. Cushion covers, artwork, candles, accessories. You can take orange to your porch or deck to brighten and make a more cheerful place. Furniture painted a dark brown with orange seat colors make a beautiful statement.


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  1. When we moved into our house 7 years ago there was one room painted for a kids room with racing stripes and everything – we did paint it orange, it is the room Mark keeps his Anole and tree frog in.

  2. Ruby, a friend of mine, painted her bedroom orange, and I have to admit, it looked great :)

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  4. These are very good suggestions. I like this tangerine tango trend. the colors are cool.

  5. the suggestion of color sounds good , i will try.

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  7. It is a good color but i love still the pink.

  8. i love blue…blue like ocean n sky make feel peace…

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  10. Interesting article and I will have to look at the color more seriously.

  11. It is a beautiful and fresh color. Great work as usual :)

  12. let me dd Orange in my diet :-)

  13. I tend to stick with the darker colours…

  14. I stick to the earth tones too much. This tangerine tango would probably fit right in and wake up my living space.

  15. I am using sky blue. I would like to give tangerine tango a try.

  16. I will consider tangerine tango for my room

  17. I love pink.

  18. I am going to convince my momto try this in out house.

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